Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Comment That Fucked My Sleep

Winged Fantasy has left a new comment on your post " TAKE MY HAND":

Do me a favour if you can.

Just once... for once... forget all the harshness in the world, within u, within the person in front of u. And for once, forget all the hunger for power, forget the practicality, forget everything, all the negativity. I know negativity can be subjective. But u know what I mean. And write a poem. Do this for me please. :D

(PS: I am not saying there is harshness within u. U might be the most sweetest person around. I am not gonna make any assumptions about u. I dont know u. I am just talking about ur writing.)

AND this is what I have to say...

I read this comment last night on my cell's newly activated GPRS system. It got me thinking, and thinking as we all know is a dangerous activity. It took a great deal of effort to sleep musing on what WF said. So I thought, hey why not!

I'm gonna give this a shot, to try writing without all the things she said. So dear readers, Behold! I give you!

The Forgotten Poem

Behind the door of pain
And the mask of harsh reality
Past the river of hunger for power
Across the ocean of negativity

Let's forget the madness for a while
and not plot the sweet course of revenge
Put aside the amber colored hate
And indifference to all things dead and living

So I question myself
What is left now?
Like a sober expanse of white storm-less sky
A glow inside, a zen calm
No pain, no hate, just a suffusion of yellow
Like an aching tooth
An irritation at the back of my neck

All is calm now and I can't think
To stir my thoughts, should I drink?
I can stir no images of rainbowed paranoia
The voices are now silent, but I see them grin

There is no disturbance to juggle words on the screen
A steady static buzz on the television of my mind
The radio in my head is picking up no alien channels
There is nothing to shake and rattle my soul

This is worse than purgatory

So, if I have to arrive at a conclusion
I'd say a poem needs a big does of confusion
An earthquake of thoughts from me to you
A soul scream to get my idea through
A medley of colours the shades of black
The opening my mind
And letting voices attack
There has to be a hunger to get the words right
The need to write and write when I can not sleep at night

Why write about salvation when all I see is pain
Humans have fucked this planet, again and again
This is what I see and this is what I'll write
There might be something wrong with me
But I guess it's all right.
It really is.


  1. well...i hope she's happy. i appreciate the change, but i appreciated the violent darkness more.

  2. Good Lord! I didnt know, that comment of mine would have that effect. I didnt intend to rob u off your sleep. My apologies for that. :-)

    About the poem, I liked it. It flowed with ur thoughts... I understood the thought pattern so well.

    But this is not what I had asked for. In denying negativity, I did not seek a limbo like suspension. Instead, I wished for positivity. I missed the point that absence of negativity does not necessitate positivity. That there is an intermediate phase between the two.
    I wanted to see how an optimistic Nothingman would sound. But this was more painful than your supernatural drift of writing.

    Now I realize that my request was senseless, for what you write is what you believe. And if you believe that man has screwed up the world, there is not an atom of positivity left. My apologies for my stupid and senseless comment earlier. :-)

    But Nothingman, wheather natural or supernatural, human or beast or vampires, this world or aliens, light or dark, I thoroughly love and appreciate your literature. Its your genre and I would always love to read it. :-)

    Keep writing!


  3. oka...WF has been extremely nice....
    and praised u sky high....
    you can see the world exactly like you want to..
    you can blame mankind if you want to..

    for global warming and the ice all thawing..
    for unmediated procreation and increasing the worlds population..

    you can also see the human misery if you want to...
    you can blame any man in livery if you want to..

    for the wars and unmitigated destruction..
    for corruption and the financial repercussions..

    you can also see an individual life if you want to...
    you can congratulate yourself if you want to..

    for you are one of them and have a life of your own..
    with your own achievements and your share of happiness thrown..

    you can now see what WF asked you to write about...
    you can also see that you have these thoughts throughout..

    for the loved ones or a bird and their happiness coloured with your words..
    for the small joys u feel and the hope you anneal to live everyday..

    i hope i haven't overstepped any lines...

  4. don't dilute your brand identity dude!!! V luv it!!
    if Hitchcock tries a Yash Chopra , you can imagine wht it shall be like :P
    one writes to reflect one perception of the world and if this opportunity to express oneself is taken away thn WTF is the use of PBP
    moreover ppl don't change by expressing themselves different but by exposing themselves opposite

  5. Have I pushed myself in a corner? :)

    Kris...with a goatee like yours i'd appreciate violence too :D ;)

    WF...soooo long comment! i think you must have gotten my mail, if not check yer spam folder :)

    Vitruvian...nice poem there though i doubt it would stop me from doing what i do :P or stop global warming :P heh


    you know it all :)

    Cheers people, why can't we all just enjoy instead of getting worked up:) I believe in having fun on the blog :)

    take cares!


  6. No. I havent got your email. I checked my inbox, spam mails, trash everything... even the sent items. :P

    Can you please resend it?

  7. And yeah Vitruvian, nice poem and nice thought. Liked it. :D

  8. total sisterly love on the blog ...awwwww sooo schweeeet!

    carry on girls:)


  9. nah nah ! I don't kno it all :((

    my psuedonym is actually just a pseudonym :P
    but can't help being pedantic, part of my job u see ;)

  10. What I enjoy about your work, Nothingman, is your facility with the language. Not many people have it -- just read some of the stuff around. I find your use of free verse mixed with rhymes very intriguing and different. It draws me in.
    I don't mind if your poems are dark, or negative and dismal. I just hope your life is not really that way.