Monday, December 31, 2007


Come, let's take a walk
Hold my hand, just you and me
We can float with the wind
And walk on the sea
Just you and me

, let's watch the foolish people die
Let's watch them squirm like white maggots
I will step on them if you allow
Even you can try

, let's watch this planet burn
I have two chairs on moon for you and me
A bottle of Vodka
We can have some fun

, let's take a walk on the dark side
I know what you are thinking, don't hide
This is the last day of the year
I know you won't say no to me
Take my hand


  1. fuk fuk fuk.....

    this one was jus BOOTIFULL... loved it.... i loved the tone mostly... how the last line was in italics n stuff... n ofcourse there is the vodka.. sighs.. its been three whole montsh ive been goin without it.. urghnesss...

    cheers n love!

  2. Hey Nothingman.
    This poem is truly truly beautiful. I loved the first stanza and was expecting something beautifully romantic. And there comes your sinister, destructive self...
    But I still loved the poem. If only it was the love between humans. :-)

  3. Sadistic creep...haha....loved it....two chairs on the moon...haha...the imagery is damn funny....abt squirming ppl like maggots....oh u faggot of honolulu....urrggghh..

  4. Actually it makes me think of 2 ghosts in luv....but thats a typicl me i guess....u knw glide thru the air...the people writhing nd squirming....dunno.........*bbuuuuuuurrpp*

  5. Shimmer...

    no fuk on new year :( heh :P oh but thee will be vodka!!:D cheers'!!!!

    Winged fantasy...
    You got me thinking;) hey the rest of stanzas are romantic too!what can be more romantic than power!? It was humans, I think :P

    why ghosts man? why not say, astronauts in love? on moon, drinking vodka, pointing and laughing at earth! :D

    Okies, happy new year to everyone!!! hope the next year ocks more than this one!!!

    Love and Vodka!


  6. romanticism....
    got to see more of this from u!

  7. seeing you in a different light here.
    liked it!

  8. well... Love can be morw romantic than power. Not the "love of power" but a "Powerful love" :-)

    Its romantic... But its harsh... Its mocking at the world or at something else. I guess love, even if selfish love (Not talking about universal love or all that), still makes you Good. :D

  9. Do me a favour if you can.
    Just once... for once... forget all the harshness in the world, within u, within the person in front of u. And for once, forget all the hunger for power, forget the practicality, forget everything, all the negativity. I know negativity can be subjective. But u know what I mean. And write a poem. Do this for me please. :D

    (PS: I am not saying there is harshness within u. U might be the most sweetest person around. I am not gonna make any assumptions about u. I dont know u. I am just talking about ur writing.)