Thursday, July 28, 2016


They walk around in a circle
They walk around the bush
Beating the ground with their feet
Till the mud is a bloody slush

For nine days and nine nights
The men and women walked
Beating around the bush, but
Without a word being talked

On the tenth day they stopped
The shaman set the bush on fire
The flames drenched the faces
That were dying with desire

Soon their hearts were beating
To the sounds of the maniac drums
As the fire reached the skies
And made the heavens thrum

In a helix around the fire
All of them did lay
Did they dream of whorls and spirals
This I cannot say

This it ends. (3 of 3)


  1. Like a breath of fresh air!
    Rock on!

    1. Hey Rex, bro you should come back to blogging. You were one of the top bloggers that I read. Your poems and pics were spot on. Hope life is treating you well!