Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yum Yum Eat Em Up

I have a problem
I have many problems.
with the world
with the people
with the government
and the birds
and the cows
and the sewers of the world
and the minds of philosophers
and the theories of economists
and the promises of lovers
and the poems at this blog
and the words of this poet [ha!]
that would be me
also a song by Pearl Jam

But let me not deviate
from the things I hate
The common thread through all of it
Everything is so full of shit

Now read it again.
time is short and the words are many, just for the sake of telling, the new job is keeping me busy and i'm trying to arrange my schedule so as to get back to blogging properly.
hope all of you are well.apologies to those who were expecting replies to comments, when life lets me loose a bit, i shall respond, till then, read on :)


  1. YOU'VE got it man!!
    If you can tranform every problem into a poem as you do so it well...then i can only bow in reverence down just as i'm doing right now.
    And if you ever plan to become the prime minister of India my vote goes for you.
    Take it as a laugh if you like but i'm serious!! You'll have TOT's votes too!!

  2. Yea Orgasmik is bloody right.
    All hail Nothingman the prime minister.
    Btw that poem was... (i am runnin outta adjectives) leave it to u.
    U knw it was gud.
    No great i mean.
    Simple but effective.

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  4. Orgasmik...
    Every poem is a problem man ;) prez ship? humn lemme think about, its an even bigger problem than poems :P

    awhh people will end up putting me in politics! who will write poems here then? all effective things are simple;)