Sunday, January 27, 2008

Words Late At Night--1

All the idiots have laid down their weapons
Slowly the music has faded to silence
Its only 1.10 am, and the night has died
The end of all good things has finally arrived

The clock is ticking and tocking in my room
No one else is talking to me these days anyway
I have kept my mouth shut for one year now
And I still do not want to speak, wow!

I wonder is someone can get addicted to pain?
The solid comfort of losing, the pleasure of defeat
A warm soft bed of death to sleep in the end
When there is nothing left in this world to defend.

Somedays my words do not make sense
So I just write everything without pretense
There is nothing I can do to stop this rush, but write
I might not get any sleep again tonight.

Some nights I hear the trucks rush through this city
They pass on the deserted roads through out the night
I wonder about the lives of the men who drive these monsters
Do they give a fuck about now or infinity?
The night is still young ladies and gentlemen, only 0158 hours now


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  2. Like you promised the other have some mindblasting poetry....but, don't forget to catch some sleep.What's poetry without the poet??

  3. this one i think is one of ur best poems... others may not agree.. but i simply loved it.... the thrid and fourth verses r jus WOW! but do get some sleep realli.. n hows the new job n all??

  4. I'll be the disgusting nit-picking perfectionist and point out the typo in the first line of the third verse first :P

    I relate. I relate. I relate. Oh yes.

    Insomnia is horrible, I tell you. Even worse when you're the sort who's given to brooding.

  5. yeah insomnia does suck hard...altho sumtimes i m plain grateful....superb poem just amazes me how ell y pen down ur frustrations in such a cool manner...way to go!!