Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Shark In My Head

A thought swims like a hungry shark
In the depth of my mind as I sit in the dark
I feel like pondering on world peace
Or maybe Genocide
The slaughter of thoughts is being done
The animal writhes in anticipation
It makes me want to grin like mad
And maybe call and talk to dad
The waters are murky with shades of red
The shark is angry in my head
It makes me want to fuck and kill
And maybe eat something
The darkness now intensifies
What little control I had, dies
The animal I am will swim free
And maybe write some poetry
Jesus, what the fuck was in that coffee?!


  1. this is the problem with regular posts some get missed by lot of people :)


  2. I like it! Hey Nothingman, read the book "Close to Shore". I think you'll enjoy it.