Monday, January 7, 2008

Monkey V 2.0 v/s Tankman V.1

Allright, I hope everyone is well and having a rocking time. Past few days have been very 'emotional' at Poetry, because of which we have forgotten the basic purpose of starting this blog. Yes, you guessed it, MONKEYS! THE Eternal Conflict! Across Time And Space!!!!!!!1!11

Uh. Ok. So far so Good.

The latest news coming from the future is that a monkey who was surfing on the toxic waves on the destroyed beaches of Goan Jungles
was picked by a flock of mutant SeaGulls and a Great White Shark at the same time. A Green Battle Tank was also seen in close proximity of the place where the accident took place. The Aftermath, in rhyme, brought to you the courtesy of Time Travelling Correspondents of F.U.B.A.R Inc.


Monkey V 2.0  v/s  Tankman V.1

Something stygian swims up from the darkness
A monkey with wings, if nothing less
A fin on his back just like a shark
Evolution happened in the dark

The monkey now shivers like a dog
As he steps out of a muddy bog
He wraps wings around himself for warmth
As he readies himself for causing harm

It's a bright day on other side of the forest
Sunlight warm as hot chocolate at best
The Tankman is lying on top of his tank
Naked, sunbathing.

Butterflies twitter peacefully around his form
His muscles ripped not like the day he was born
Hey he's even got a six pack of abs!
He's Fab!

Whereas the monkey now steps in the sun
He soaks the warmth and gets ready for fun
He's got his eyes on Tankman's tank
He won't settle for bananas, no sir!

He spreads his wings and starts to fly
He fucks with eagles in the sky [*]
The fin on his back drives away other birds
A monkey like him was unseen, unheard

The Tankman sees the shape up above
The monkey dives down for the figure
Tankman magics a gun in his hand
The monkey does not understand!

They roll around in bamboo grass
Trying to kick each other's ass
The roll and fall from mountain's lip
Next poem shall tell the outcome of this!!

[*] If You want to fuck eagles you gotta learn to fly ;)



  1. I am not gonna question anyones sanity.

    Full form of F.U.B.A.R?
    Tankman's tank sounded funny...if you get what I mean...;)
    It was funny and nice visualization.
    Reminded me of a thing that i had once writtn entitled
    "Ghanshyam baba nd Brihaspati Babu"

    Today I was actually missing ur simians.

    WF and VITRUVIAN ...please take up.

  2. Very funny... made me laugh. Love it up until the very end. The poem should be an entity of its own and not have to tell its audience to wait for the next one. The poem should speak for itself, draw its readers in and naturally put them on the edge of their seats until the next post..

    Which you do anyways!

  3. TOT...

    Hey come on, in the age of google do you have to ask? You tell me :)
    The Tank is a funny thing really.
    Monarking sounds more like a monk :P let's just call it Monkey V2.0

    Ghanshaym baba sounds pedo :P

    WF and V are busy I guess :)



  4. Eating Poetry...

    Well, i guess you are well fed here ;)
    I agree with what you say, i completely do..but hey everything is fine when you need a word to rhyme ;)



  5. Hi Nothingman,
    You've let your imagination soar! Creating such a character can only be fantasy! Wonderful poem....enjoyed reading it dude! :D

  6. I am here... I am here. :-)

    I loved this one Nothingman. This one is just so much fun. And its actually a crazy kind of creativity u got. I mean... who wud ever think of a monkey, with wings and fin like a shark. Amazing. :-)

    Waise...TOT I agree with u. MonArKing to me sounded good for a name to our protagonist monkey. It sounds like "monarch" and gives the impression of a barbaric nature... which is further added by the imageries of fucking the eagles in air, scaring away other birds etc.

    Comeon Nothingman... lets hear further. :-)

  7. heehee.... man this was jus crazy from beginning to start... LOWE it!!! :D


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  9. Meghna...

    Soaring imagination like flying monkeys!!



  10. WF...

    Your writing is so SEO ;) hey all creativity is crazy, if not its copied ;)

    I don't know if the monkey will agree with this name, i'll throw him a banana-mail.

    Fucking with eagles is not literal :P its the quote at the end of the poem.

    There will be more :!



  11. Shimmer...

    You said it baby, from the beginning to the start ;)


  12. what is SEO? The last I knew was Search Engine Optimization. But that doesnt fit. aaah. I am confused. :|