Sunday, January 27, 2008

Little Something

the little something called love
it holds the straining breaths together
it glues the rotting flesh
it holds life when it rains death
the angel of hope
the little something called love.
the other little something is hate
keeps the money rolling
keeps the blood boiling
that is also hope, just another colour
the red of madness and anger
the ghost of betrayal and lust
who do we trust?
0238 hours, just spitting out the frustrations :)


  1. As much as close to the truth aboutlove or the reverse.
    Considering it in the battlefield of flesh --where else can all this take you, other than in its cries and hungers.More cries and more hungers.
    Yet, there's this LOVE unconditionnel....comes from the dropping of everything.Only the spontenity remains.
    Don't have to live on any mountain tops to feel loftier....Don't have to deny anything ,just begining to taste this stuff!
    But we, simple mortals believe in getting flogged,sometimes it helps when existance is without inertia.If you make a stone out your attachements you can't swim with it arround your neck.If you can them you have one of the toughest neck that i know of.

    Yet i 'll say the flesh is matter how great a vegetarian you are....Sex is non veg.
    Ofcorse there's is always the platonic....actually this is not our subjet.
    Especially when the whiplashes still sting the skin.
    Maybe i'm getting this whole thing wrong.
    Nothingman , hope you manage this whole bussiness.

  2. Anyway just to tell you that i get what you mean.
    Sometimes when your shoes lands in cowdung you find youself asking the question which one had had such a possible diarrhea.
    Never know .....need not be cows!! Could be those truck drivers you mentioned in your poem.

  3. "it holds life when it rains death"

    i didnt know u cud write nice stuff abt love :P

    me like :D


  4. I don't find "lurve" very practical.

    Anger works fine by me, you know. :P

  5. I too like the line 'it holds life when it rains death.' Nice work!

  6. Love! Love! Love!
    Such an overrated phenomenon, that i have begun to hate it... well almost! Somehow, dont have enough passion for both. :(

    But the poem is fantastic... Loved it. :-)