Saturday, January 19, 2008


The bastards took the paper
The bastards took the pens
The bastards broke my fingers
But they can not stop me from speaking

The bastards took my hands
The bastards took my eyes
The bastards took my freedom
But they can't take away voice

The bastards took tongue
The bastards took my face
The bastards took  my thoughts too
But they can not stop me from thinking

Now they will take away my life
They will  tear my last breaths from me
But even in this situation
They can not take my imagination
The Punjabi poet Pash smuggled his poems out of jail written on cigarette wrappers, he created a revolution with his words. I'm not trying to create a revolution, not yet :)


  1. Thats a cool piece of poetry.strong and effective and kinda stabs you with its sharp words.i liked it a lot any chance are u planning on going to a jail and then doing sumthn similar??...hehe.

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  3. if you wanna know who your friends are, go to jail--Buk

    this is a quote I like ;) so if i go to jail i'm sure i can count on your to bail me out, or maybe you'd be sitting with me sharing a smoke ;)


    glad you liked, do a search on poems of Pash, the guy was a rockstar


  4. hey..i liked this one...really...very much...
    never read anything by pash...yet...

  5. hmmm.. have to chek this Pash guy out... in the meantime u will do :)


  6. wow.. that makes you think...