Thursday, January 17, 2008

I see ugly people

Ugly people surround me
Their fingers pointing at me like barbs
I have not eaten breakfast for a week
I'm missing my carbs

Why do these ugly people carry spoons?
Their vacant eyes filled with doom
And here is me feeling so fucking hungry
A hunger for everything deep in my soul

But these ugly people fuck up my revolutions
They throw their spoons in my solutions
I tell them to fuck off but do they listen?
No sir! No sir! They need an ass kickin!

This time I'm taking their spoons away
I'll beat them with spoons from jan to may
I won't have them stand with their pointed digits
I'll make them return to their pile of shit
OK i'm rambling, don't expect much from a man who has not slept in 2 days.

and that is only  the start of it.



  1. Aaaahh well...hope u succeed in spankin their puny arses...

  2. something reeks of irritation!! ;)

  3. What have you been smoking lately..?
    Now don't say " nothing man !!"

  4. This poem got you into my poets ring. I look forward to looking over the rest of your poetry once I have the time.