Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The gun feels heavy in my hand this new year's eve
12 bullets, the number seems so comforting
My glass is empty and my eyes are full
I finger the trigger but I don't have the guts to pull

But there is still a full bottle of vodka to go
The night is still a prepubescent girl
It will be a while before its morning light
And I can fuck my head in and out of the world

So with my heavy gun I stare at the world
Sitting on top of this tower like some drunk yogi
There is no wisdom or lesson in life to be learned
People die looking for a meaning, its funny

Why can't we all get drunk
And play with guns
Set things on fire
Listen to music
For once
Have some fun
I wish I could have gotten drunk on new year's eve, but as they say, never drink alone...and I don't even have a gun.

Life, how I loathe thee.

in next post, we talk about some comments people left on past few posts.

1 comment:

  1. hhmmm....
    ppl looking for meaning to life...nah i don't find it quite that funny...but i'm yet to figure out whether this meaning to life thing really exists...
    any inputs on that??