Monday, January 21, 2008

The Finger of God

God's finger pointed at me and pointed me to the blog of super stylish Minx who blogged about, well, blogging.

Now this is not poetry but it is damn well related to the higher purpose of each and every blog on blogsphere, to write, about Monkeys. So feast your eyes upon this image and savor in the sensory delight that will make strawberry jam of your brain and make it flow out of your nose making your mouth all sticky and sweet. Without further due, I give to you.... Monkeys!

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  1. Brilliant! Very funny.
    Don't hate me if I say this Nothingman, but it's "without further ado". (Just think you may have heard it many times, but never really seen it in print.)
    Btw, thanks for that link to the enviro-site. Love it! Not of the same mind about squirrels, but I know for a fact, they're sneaky. I've seen them digging their fake hiding spots. I've also found peanuts in the windshield of my car, on my doorstep, in cracks in the brick wall. They'll leave them anywhere!
    (not quite as clever as monkeys then)

  2. how obsessed are u? me likes monkey's ears... wait... i think im gettin a deja vu.. oh well.. cant think y... neways i cn feel my brain turning sluggish as i write... ill leave now... waitin 4 more poetry from ya!

    cheers! \m/

  3. lol..oka...
    its monkeys all the way with u...!!

  4. Why dont u change ur name from nothingman to monkeyman?at least that wil let pearl jam rest in peace and wil also solve the problem of monkeyman that had baffled paandus cupl of yrs back?

  5. hey TOT...
    I'll answer that for you-
    N's way TOO hot to be called monkeyman. trust me...those of us who have seen him know.

  6. How about monkey's finger in God's nose....Anway, must admit that you're driving your point clear all the same...and this monkey's business is a serious thing.I'm enjoying every bit of it.I'm just about to hang on my tale.
    Heard about the Monkey's Nirvana??
    That's how he gets it....finger in god's nose; and hanging on his tail.( which one i can't tell...)

  7. Newfound passion for office life,eh,Nothingman??
    No updates for a couple of days??

  8. Hi! I've added a link to your poetry on my site (I seem to have fallen into a poetry circle that you're also involved in). Would love you to take a look and contribute some poetry if you want to!

    The Unskilled Poet

  9. @Kat...
    Thanks for correcting me,i'll keep that in mind next time I write the same words :) Squirrels are sneaky, monkeys doubly so;)

    very obsessed :D but you are the one here saying that you like monkey ears! ;)

    @ V...
    All the way and beyond ;)


    Why should I give pearl jam rest? Besides, monkeyman doesn't sound half as cool as Nothingman! :)


    A Sweetheart you are :) *muah*

    @ Orgasmik...
    I remember I have wrote about monkeys and fingers before, but that was a story I think. I'll check on monkey's nirvana ;)

    New found passion? well, we all gotta earn what we eat ;) and this blog ain't paying! :P

    @Unskilled Poet...

    Your link will be added as soon as possible :) Though I have never gotten a hang of haikus I'm sure to try :)

    Cheers all~!!!

    Thanks for the love, highly appreciated!!!