Friday, January 25, 2008

The Edge of Death and Sleep

tired,awake, alone i lie in this cold bed trying to sleep
slowly warmed by my breaths,i'm writing a poem on the edge of sleep and death.
and as i type on the keypad of my cellphone two things come to my mind.
will this poem make it to poetry?
have i fucked up the formatting?
never wrote a poem on my cell.anyway,lot of poems on keep
your weekend free!;)


  1. Me too,i was saying the same thing..."either he must be sleeping or else he must be dead"...Began wondering of all the poor orphans -- the monkeys!
    But thank God --you were only sleeping..dreaming of poetries.
    So everything has gotten into the right order.
    Can i wipe the sweat of my forehead and relax atlast!!
    Nothingman, nice to always see you back!!

  2. Ya i am with u orgasmik...
    Whatever had happened to u??
    Anyways glad to c that you r back....i m eagerly looking forward to saturday....
    As for the post....well it wasnt really a was it??....
    Btw all my posts in my blog are from my cell......mobiblogger that i am.....

  3. @ Orgasmik...
    hey man chill, i'm not gone from here yet :D i'm still to bother the hell out of lot of people:P Yup relax and be ready for some mindblasting poetry :D

    @ TOT...
    Life happened dude! too busy! Yeah saturday is just few hours away:D It WAS a verse ;) i'm not sure about the formatting on my cell, this was just an experiment...let's see how we do later :)


    And tanks for sticking along :D


  4. didn't see any formatting. i guess that means you succeeded. when i post from my cell, formatting that i didn't put in somehow finds its way to the post :D

    i should try blogging when i'm half asleep too. i know that i've said interesting stuff, might be fun for people to hear it too :)