Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Clash of Giants

[*] Please be familiar with the rest of the Monkey Vs Tankman series at the links in the sidebar <<--- Here we go!

The Clash of Giants

A jumble of two bodies falls from the mountain
The Monarking takes to wings like the rain
Tankman smiles cuz he can not die
Monarking doesn't know that the tank can fly

The flying tank whizzes through the air
Like an eaglish dragon, on wings of fire
Tankman jumps inside the tank, guns ready
The Monarking flies away in a frenzy

The monkey somehow grabbed the turret of the tank
Tankman emerged and fired his gun point blank
The monkey and its wings disappeared with a *poof*
Tankman's life and his tank was once again monkey-proof

And by the mountain this strange scene was see
By the local monkeys and the tourist has beens
A flying tank firing at a monkey with wings
But that was normal, the world has stranger things
More some other day ;)


  1. Just check the last stanza agn...i feel the grammar is faulty there....'has beens?'.....nice one tho.....poor monkey....lucky tankman.....so u went with monarking eh??....guess we wil be seeing more of these skirmishes..

  2. i liked this one. better than the rest. keep it up!