Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ask someone who gives a shit.



Your pain, oh your pain

Your broken heart and more pain

Your tears, your fears, your fucked up life

If you want to get laid man, get a wife.


You bitch and crib how hard life is

When you've been living it all soft

Getting drunk on borrowed money

Driving through life already lost


Put a bullet in your head for fuck's sake

Drive fast for a wall and don't hit the break

You are a waste of my precious clean oxygen

You are boring and duller than everyone


So get your fucking face out of my sight

I might be wrong but you are not right

I will not tolerate your presence anymore

Someone send this clown back to his shore

random anger at 4.27 am...have been ordered to sleep, so have to...gah.


  1. Not that i'm Mr Clean.Nobody would believe that!
    But,I never use the word "fuck" but now you give me the urge to do so....
    Never realised it does so much good;
    must reconsider its therepeutic virtues.

  2. what the hell r u doin up at 4.27 am ???( i shudnt be da one to talk cos im awake at tht tym too ) but im curious....

  3. Yea ok....
    U must be really hating that soul intox blog..
    Nice poem tho.
    Last line was woOt

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  5. I don't like expletives very much, but I can understand the drive to use them. I still think the poem is very effective. Better to get the anger out on the printed page than to act violently.
    Nothingman - tagging you for a 10 for 10 - stop by Poetikat's and check it out!

  6. Better out than bottled up inside, I'd say.

    Try to get as much of the anger out as possible. You know that already.

    Good luck.

  7. Which is why I shall politely ignore the expletives. :P

  8. now that i've said that 'fuck' isn't a bad word, i'd say nice poem...and though there is anger there the rhyme makes it acceptable.
    and thanks for listening yest ;)

  9. I loved it. I know that I complain a lot, but I really have it easy. It made me laugh really hard.

  10. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... That was delicious to read. It brought the taste of justice to my mouth.

    I think we've all pondered writing one of these, but you my fellow poet seem to have hit the nail on the head.

    I also find the comments everyone leaves interesting. As though to think that when we write like this we would act in such a way... Granted, we might, but I think the reactions generated are a good way to judge a piece. And if we were to use such a rating scale, seems you just wrote one of the best poems I've read in weeks.