Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Monkey King

The monkey king swung from tree to tree
Bathing in the glow of glee
It coursed the air like a birdy
It did not see me

I saw the monkey through Infra red
Then I zoomed in on his head
It had a brain like a rainbow shake
How much surveillance would this one take?

It scanned the tree for hostile enemies
The other monkies hovered like maniac bees
They searched for the one man in tank
Who was high on ammo and stank

I then clicked the king monkey
As he sat on top of the biggest tree
I saw and recorded that he had two queens
Soon I knew he will join the has beens.

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  1. what is the history behind this fascination for monkeys??

  2. lol...oka....
    absurdly funny...
    a rhyme scheme!!--i'm impressed...

    i second neo...why the monkey obsession??

  3. i went through a whole load of poems on ur blog today...commented on a couple of them.."I see Ugly", being my favourite...

    ur cliched as it may sound...are a refreshing change...
    the are brilliant in its absurdity...and directness...yet a whole bunch of them are absolutely abstract....

    *bows* *bows*

    i've never given an award before...but i'm definitely going to figure out how its done..choose a perfect one and give it to u...

    no gr8 thing for u i'm sure...
    but rock on...

  4. also..the rate at which u do this.!!!
    do u by ANY chance do this for a living????!!!??? :O

  5. @ The Lover...
    I don't know why, I think Why Not!?! ;) It's all got a higher purpose man :) you'll know...

    @ Vitruvian...
    Ok that's a long long comment! 3 in fact!

    Monkey obsession is answered above, i'm still to post the 13 n half odd poems about monkeys that i wrote in my notepad!

    I see Ugly...that was about a lot of frustration, and how people say they see beauty in everything, this is my "fuck you" to the collective lot of them.

    I no longer see any point in making sense, sense is there for you people to find, there are too many blogs doing good poetry out there, i'm just maintaining the cosmic balance ;)


    I wish I could do this for a living, if i bought out a book of such poems would you, say, buy 10 copies? ;)

    lemme know:)



  6. this is really so good monkey poem.
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