Friday, November 30, 2007

Monkey Messiah

He stands on a tree, in the land of the free
His words make sense to a chosen few
Monkey messiah will bring you salvation
Only the monkey can save you

He whips off the flies with his barbwire tail
His tongue sprouts poison like a big blue whale
His temple is the tree and the monkeys listen
Their hearts fill with anger, no more human ass kissin

Monkey messiah has revolution in his eyes
He feasts on bananas and eats up the flies
His words are in the wind and they are up in the skies
He builds a primate army to take on the human filth

A man in a tank sees the monkey messiah
First he reloads then he says AH!
He's got an idea much to funky
It might be a messiah, but afterall its a monkey.

Tank man returns again and foils the evil plansd of monkeys to take over this shitty planet!

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