Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monkey Attack - 2

For what God has given me, all my stars I thank
They monkeys don't have a hope in hell, cuz now I have a Tank
Its got armour piercing missiles, its got a very big gun
Now its me versus the monkeys, is sure-shot to be Fun

All my food now gone, calls from some food heaven
The death of peanuts and yellow bananas, I shall avenge
They monkeys will pay in fur and tails, I will make them!
To see them run back to the jungle, will be my revenge

I slowly drive into the trees, and the monkey scatter like bees
I eye them through the scope of my gun, they run
I fire calmly into the hoard,I shoot them one by one.
I can not hear their pained screams, I'm re-loading ammunition

Bang Bang, Ratt-A-Tatt, I fire and they run like hell
The noise eclipses everything like the ringing of an alarm bell
I retire to my home and make a peanut butter sandwich
This is mine alone to eat, no monkeys shall now disturb me.



This one was a bit toughie to write, dunno why, but fun nonetheless :)

1 comment:

  1. The death of peanuts and yellow bananas, I shall avenge

    i loved this line cos i happen to love peanuts... n bananas too i suppose... *shrugs*

    gr8 comebak against the monkeys.. Bravo!!