Monday, December 31, 2007

Same Cross, Different Nails

Everyone Dies
Everyone Fails
Compared to Death's style
Life colours look pale

So love bring out that hammer
I am begging to be nailed
With your sharp words
And your promises
To this cross of life again

Hammer them real deep ok
I want to look cool while I am up there
Oh and rub some oil on my abs
Can I have a clip for my long hair?

I'll hang my head on side for the effect
So I can see my fans all clear
I see them stretched miles for the crucifixion
Hey! I think its a happy new year!

But its same shit different day
The same I had yesterday
Same cross different nails
Just more comments on the email.


Happy New year to You All
Get drunk, Stumble but don't fall
Get friends to walk you, or crawl
But on all counts have a ball!!


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Come, let's take a walk
Hold my hand, just you and me
We can float with the wind
And walk on the sea
Just you and me

, let's watch the foolish people die
Let's watch them squirm like white maggots
I will step on them if you allow
Even you can try

, let's watch this planet burn
I have two chairs on moon for you and me
A bottle of Vodka
We can have some fun

, let's take a walk on the dark side
I know what you are thinking, don't hide
This is the last day of the year
I know you won't say no to me
Take my hand

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Space the final frontier
Its the end of the year
End of so many things
Just hope to forget the memories

Hanging cool in the void
Human contact I avoid
I'm good alone I swear
Don't you dare come near!

I have knives and guns in my hand
Why don't you fucking understand
This is my void not your go away
Thoughtless I am, so I'll stay

Now you expect me to say something strange
Like I am a lunatic and rhyme strange with deranged
But I'll leave you with a piece of wisdom I learned
A thought saved is a thought earned.
A Story A Day >[]
Psycho Poems > []

"Whatever it is, I'm against it"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Words In My Head [From the Diary of a Killer King]

The insistent buzz of words in my head
Are the screams I continue to ignore
They are crying and cursing me in words I don’t know
After two thousand years of this. I am bored.

Like all great men I too have killed
I’d be a liar if I saw I wasn’t thrilled
But I am a liar so this is what I’d say
All that sex and violence wasn’t that cool anyway

Just looks great and gory but its quite shitty in reality
In my bloodstained glory I can not bask for eternity
Some pain, even I can feel, I swear this is for real
I have cried when blood smeared the shine of my steel

So as I drink soup from a bowl made of skull of General Kwgahin
I write this little ditty, crossing words on a book made of skin
My pen is made of bone, think I need some more bloody ink
It was tough writing this, I know how to kill but not think!

At least I'm talking of heartbreak and the pain of the soul. Maybe I should!

The Fucking Truth

Love me he said
She did
Do you love me? he asked.
No, I just wanted to fuck.

He and She are of course inter-changeable. We hate everyone equally.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Eternal Conflict Through Time and Space

A Tale of Pain, Anguish, Humiliation and Utter sense of Dejection and Madness
(Told in Pictures)

General Monkelean leads an army


Well informed

Well fed


And Driven Simians

Whereas the man
Just has a Tank

Whose side will you take?

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Gimme Darkness

So black
Like a piece of coal inside a sack
Like lights out after a heavy whack
Like the fingers after taking smack
With my negro coloured friends

So black
Like inside of a cat
Like under a mat
Like a philosophical conversation
With a rat

So black
Like a hair in barber's chair
Like a pool of blood, fresh
Like a song about falling in love
With a blind man

So black
Like a dream inside a scream
Like a stream where none have been
Like a state of drugged paranoia
In my own head
With me

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Know

trapped in this chair I sit
waiting for the pain
something to make me feel
that everything is worth this stupid feeling

the kaleidoscope is in my head
and my hands are frozen stiff
just the fingers work
typing pain on this white screen

the fire is in my stomach
the memory is behind my eyes
I can not let it all go, not now not ever

there will be no end
only pain
and when I have suffered
it will all start again
I know
I just know.
Something without a rhyme this time. The conflict of Tankman and monkeys will surface again...soon. :D

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Peace In My Darkness

The cracks in my stupid heart
Are splayed open for all to see
The mask of smile is on my face
I wash my dirty linen with glee

The memories are really not worth the tears
My dreams only feed on my fucked-up fears
The world is a broken snow globe in the street
Without beauty, without hope, without heat

Ugly stretch marks of my sins
Are tattooed snakes crawling on my skin
You know I never asked for this
But my head and hands are full of shit

And this, this monkey smiles and stares at me
Sitting in a corner munching on peanuts
I try to chill but I want to kill
Have I forgotten not to give a fuck?
One must learn to focus, but life is the biggest distraction.

In the darkness, peace lies.

Damn, someone should get this line tattooed!
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Monday, December 24, 2007

The darkness Of My Toast

Liquid smoke drifts from my eyes
As I look up into the broken skies
A life of betrayal ended by lies
No one can hear my tortured cries

The world is grey my hope is lost
All I am, that I was is toast
So I think I should be what I can
I could surely use some jam

But the toast of my body is burnt
This blackness it seems I have earned
I scrape off the edges but bitter it tastes
This stupidity I want not, so, I shall waste

The juice has a shark swimming it it
I think its turned in a Shark Vod. Shit!
Vodka on the morning of my life
Where is my wife?

Regulars of A Story A Day will recall a Shark Vod. This is just a take on how people use big words and write 'dark' stuff, when the most important thing in life is a decent breakfast.

*Edit--Since I mentioned Shark Vod, here is for your reading pleasure > A Thousand Elephants -One,

A Thousand Elephants Two

enjoy :)


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Letter To Satan Claus

It's Christmas time, the time of joy
Gifts and green Christmas trees, oh boy!
To have fun without a pause
I wrote a letter to Satan Claus

Dear Satan Clause please send me many presents
Transformer toys, power rangers and gameboys
Also include playstation3 and xbox 360
It will make my Christmas if I got a PSP
An Assassin's Creed disc would be pretty nifty
Also I think I need a new watch
I don't mind if its a Rado or a Swatch
Please make sure it has a glow light button
Watching things in dark is so much fun
I'm hanging a big sock over the fire place
Its green and black with lots of space
I'm hoping you would fill it up
Don't even think of fucking it all up

I want all of this and more too
That's why I write a letter in rhyme to you
I bet no one can creative like this
Not even with a red lipstick kiss

So Satan Claus hear me out
Or in your ear I'll scream and shout
This is my Christmas list I hope you complete it good
Or I'll get you like I got Santa.
I really would!

Just a naughty attempt to threaten a higher authority, or shall we say lower?

Merry Christmas all!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Your Poem Makes Me Sick

This will be an opinionated rhyme
I might as well go and commit a crime
This is my jaundiced point of view
This might be about a poem written by you

You think you are dark, menacing and dangerous
You think you have suffered the pain in love
You think you have nursed your broken heart back
You think you have suffered the wrath from above

I can almost picture you sitting in a corner, crying
You have no friends so you cut yourself
Your words tell me that you are sick and dying
Inside you are happy in your own hell

Well my friend, your poem makes me want to puke
If I had my way I'd bomb your head with a nuke
I bet even you don't know the meaning of your big words
Get a life mr poet, you are another one of the herd

Lord, some poems on blogs...gwwwaahh. It's like words through a random word generator.
Give me something fresh, some new pain. The same old shit drives me insane.

Friday, December 14, 2007

One Minute's Tale

The ghost of Melissa is sitting on a wall
Her pet dog Dead is chasing rats in the hall
The red eye of a ghost is lit in her hand
The smoke of her soul is drifting in the red sand

Who is Melissa and why is she here?
How did she die and what is her fear?
Her face is a blur, even Dead is not clear
What is this shadow in the woods coming near?!

A man with a box walks to land of the dead
His eyes fixed on his goal, a cap on his head
His steed now stands idling and he walks alone
Lonely in shadows, shouldn't he be gone?

Melissa spots the man and she waves to him
Her body grows clearer and her clothes grow thin
She stands in the shadow of the big dark tree
She says, "You are late by one minute, now this pizza is free for me."

He He

Ah, hum da de da da you doin?

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Tank Man

The Tankman is big
The Tankman is strong
I think he is right
He knows he is wrong

He's got a big mean tank
In talking he is very frank
His tank is all full of ammo
He will take them all down, you know

His enemies are scattered high up in the trees
They are scared shitless of him, they dare not sneeze
They watch the tank slowly roll in the glade
The Tankman is watching them from the tank's shade

After tonight there will be only one
He has the tank and he has the gun
They just have their nails and stupid tails
Tankman will run them through with his iron hail.

Regular readers will know that Tankman and monkeys have a long standing dispute. References to this aeon old battle are scattered through this blog. Will there ever be closure?

We don't know.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Monkey King

The monkey king swung from tree to tree
Bathing in the glow of glee
It coursed the air like a birdy
It did not see me

I saw the monkey through Infra red
Then I zoomed in on his head
It had a brain like a rainbow shake
How much surveillance would this one take?

It scanned the tree for hostile enemies
The other monkies hovered like maniac bees
They searched for the one man in tank
Who was high on ammo and stank

I then clicked the king monkey
As he sat on top of the biggest tree
I saw and recorded that he had two queens
Soon I knew he will join the has beens.

read my other poems on monkeys too...thanks! More coming soon!
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Sunday, December 9, 2007

If I Could

So cold
Their words
That dig
In my head

Razored Eyes
Stygian feelings
Slice my love
In Lines of white dread

Loud Screams
That Shatter
Images of you
I kept for so long

Fucked People
Speak your name
I'd be ripping tongues
If I could.
Love, I feel so much in Love. Lord...fuck me.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

House Of Confusion

Magic water runs in taps
Heads lie still in baseball caps
Forks and fingers dance on the ceiling
They don't know how I am feeling.

Smell of old farts is prevalent
Which no deodorant can prevent
The doors creak every now and then
The sink stinks of socks of men

Chickens roost upside down on the floor
On every wall, the number of a whore
I tried calling but its just customer care
They say Melissa doesn't live there

The house of confusion is alive but dead
The sound effects of chickens are in my head
I tell them no but I can't ignore
I hear them laugh when I am bored.


That ladies and gentlemen, is a masterpiece.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Strange Thing I Saw

I was walking on the sky going back to my room
I saw a witch dressed in black silk, riding a broom
A monkey sat on a tank banging on its shell
But there was a strange thing I saw, which soon I will tell

A car rolled 360* and a girl flew out of its door
Four idiots stood laughing just cuz they were bored
A banana dropped from the sky and landed at my feet
The strange thing I'm gonna tell won't be so sweet

A flying eye looked at me and a black cat smiled
God asked me for alms and followed me for a mile
I bought a can of Mountain Dew and I was overpriced
The thing I saw was pretty strange, I bet you will be surprised

It was big black and boring, it was running like a brick
It swam like a submarine till all the fish were sick
It flew like a concord faster than speed of sound
I swatted it between my palms and buried it in the ground.

Now the Humanity has been born and the strange thing is all around.
Common sense is inversely proportional to the stupidity around you-- /V

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Icarus Command

Fly said the big man
Fly said the boy
Fly said the lover's heart
Fly said the joy

Fly? thought the arrow
Fly? thought the paper plane
Fly? thought the little wish
Fly? thought the pain

The wind carried me ahead
The Icarus Command in my head
I flew and then I fell like lead
The ground hit me and I was dead

The boy picked the paper plane
The man picked the arrow
The lover's heart glued itself
The joy never turned to sorrow

Collected and Calm
Away from harm
The Icarus Command
And everything will fly, again.

Ha ha~! Losers!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We've been tagged...

Tagged as by the lovely Shimmer for doing a tag about a dream. Sweet.

The rules, now we all here have never been the ones to believe in rules right guys? [Right!]
But just for the heck of it, it goes something like, write about your 'dream,' make it big make it fancy, make it as mad and as psycho as possible. This was written for me or what?!

OK for me, to have a dream, going on a date with the great Marilyn Monroe , taking a ride in a Durango 95, to a Marilyn Manson concert, drinking Mountain Dew with her from one bottle, telling her a story, and off in my own private jet to my private island.


Give me a laptop, a daily supply of Mountain Dew and a net connection and let me write write write.

Right, thats about it.

I tag 3

1) D

2) Alcoholic Poet

3) Phoenixx



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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Six Minutes

Six minutes ton write a poem
Six minutes to express
Six minutes to confuse you
Six minutes to digress

So let's close all the wondos
Open the create post link on the blogger
Then open notepad and type in it
The blogger thingum gets too slow

Oh shit this has taken two minutes
I just have four minutes more
Let's just write anything here and post it
Look! Just four lines more!

Can I expect comments on this?
If I'm hoping, let me hope for a kiss
Of course from a girl and not from a guy
HA! I'm clever like this, I think so sly!

God dammit I love me!
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