Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I think I need a doctor
I think I need a nurse
I think I need a thief
To put some money in my purse
but, uh, it's called a wallet
and whatever you might call it
it's used to carry money
(get the poem back on track honey)
i need a real sharp doctor
with a real sharp knife
a knife sharper and more dangerous than
the tongue in mouth of my wife
(she doesn't read this blog anyway)
(so i can say anything and get away)
and i could use a pretty nurse
with some power in her muscles
cuz she'd need to hold me down
(mmm, hold me down)
while the doctor cuts these words out of me
from my fingers and my toes
from my cheeks and my nose
from my arms and my stomach
from my legs and my face
slice, cut, chop, sever
i need some major bloodletting
to rid me of this fucking fever
(i've got this fever, mama)
i just do not want to stop
watch me as i spiral
and wipe my life up without a mop
i'mma throw it all in a bin
and set the fucking thing on fire
cook rotten pieces of me on the flames
i never want to retire
they'll have to pull me away from the keys
with chains, horses, and elephants
but i'll still keep on fingering words
without wearing any pants
fuck pants!

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