Thursday, January 21, 2016

Time Worm

somewhere in the stream of time
some seconds slipped off the drift
grouped together they formed the minutes
that turned into hours
then like an ancient organism
the Time Worm crawled out
into the muddy reality
it shook the water off its back
at the bank of the stream
so all that was seen of its absence
a hole in the stream
filled with a glitch
a void, a vacancy
that would never be complete
the little worm pranced its way
into the forest of forever
carrying memories on its back
that would never fade
blood tattooed
soul imprinted
never to be erased
and in some future forever
when the time stream will grow sluggish
the worm will crawl back in
to reboot the water

some memories fade, but some things are imprinted in your mind forever, that's what the time worm is carrying. and it's important because memories are the fuel that keep us going. love or hate,  thoughts are like bombs.

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