Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is not a poem - Jan 2016

I think the month of January was pretty good creativity-wise. I managed to write 23 poems! How nice is that. I was aiming to write daily, but that's not really practical and there are things like life etc often in your way, but whenever I felt like writing, I did. Some poems do not want to stay in your head, they just want to be born into the world. It's like water collecting behind a dam, either you open the valves or the walls start to break. 

So, anyway, 23 poems. And we're almost in second month of the year. Time flies!

Let's talk about poems, then. 

I remember reading a quote somewhere, that if a poem doesn't rhyme, it shows a basic lack of effort on a poet's part. Which really depends on what you're trying to do with the text at hand. If you look at it in a clinical manner, what separates a poem from a piece of prose other than the formatting of both? A sense of rhyme and rhythm is important in a poem, but on the other hand, you have poetic prose too. There are some people who just breathe and it feels like poetry. 

Knowing how to rhyme in a poem is important, but only to a degree. I am no authority on anything here, I am just talking from what I've read and seen. (Again, which might not be too much, but it's something, it's an ongoing process). So, yes, rhyme, but don't dilute your ideas just to satisfy the poetic meter. I always believe that at the core of any piece of creative effort is the heart, and if the heart beats strong enough, it will follow it's own rhythm. 

You must have something to say. And as long as you have something to say, the words will not stop flowing. They will fall in place like Tetris pieces. 

What do you think about this? Let me know, drop a comment, let's get a discussion going on about poems.

Feb? More poems! What else did you expect? :)


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