Sunday, January 3, 2016

spitting colors

i bit into the world
just this last tuesday
i chewed and chewed
till i broke it down in chunks

i rolled the pieces around
in my mouth and on my tongue
till the blood of the world
dripped down my chin
like some unholy ichor

then i chewed it some more
till the pieces were mushy paste
that i could swallow like some hungry bird
then i took another bite
chewed and swallowed

but something was wrong
the world was too much for me

i clenched my jaw, grit my teeth
as my mouth filled up with saliva
and an old familiar feeling in my stomach
of something that won't stay down
something that just keeps fighting
just doesn't shut the fuck up

up it comes
like a volcano, a hot geyser
erupting, ejecting, emerging
bent over and fucked in the head
i puked out the world and watched it assemble itself
and scuttle away on filthy claws

leaving me there all alone
i sat on the pavement
with my head in my hands
a bad taste in my mouth
spitting colors
all the colors
i can do this all year, i swear.

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