Sunday, January 10, 2016

Should've Been

Maybe a pirate fighting a violent sea
A biker on the run, forever fucking free
There are so many faces I'd like for me
But here I am making two cups of tea

An explorer freezing his limbs in the Arctic
Or getting sunburned in Saharan sands
Waking up in middle of a gun fight
But here I am with soap suds on my hands

A fighter bleeding on opponents in a ring
A dictator if that's still a thing
Maybe under the sea, fighting a shark
But it's evening I've to go for a walk in the park

A drunkard losing million at cards
A serial killer stalking hospital wards
A sniper with my scope on some president
But it's first of the month and I have to pay rent

Should've been.

Hat tip to those who'd know. We all have dreams, but some dreams are more illogical than others.


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