Friday, January 29, 2016

Only Darkness Now

consider this all
the longest letter
written over time
a life time
as seconds tick away
squirrelling away into minutes and hours
the ink on this page never dries
the page never turns
the light of this lamp flickers
the words seem to take shapes unseen
in darkness they crawl up
through the nib of this pen
to dig under the fingernails
to find the veins beneath
they crawl in the bloodstream
making the fingers their slaves
for these fingers have stroked a million keys
yet, there are a million more to caress
so how could I be careless
the best is yet to come
as they say
among all the other things
there is nothing glorious about grinding out words
no coffee cups ensos staining hand made pages
no coffee shops or cigarette stains on fingers
no alcoholic writing binges with promises of sober editing
no stream of consciousness and thousand page typewriter roll
only a certain cold feeling and hot breath to make the fingers work
only darkness now and a sliver of light
the light that gets brighter
the faster I type
the faster I type
the quicker I'll reach
wherever I am going

I am dropping pop culture references in my poems now. Huh, who'd have thought.
Drop a comment if you catch one, or two or three. 

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