Thursday, January 7, 2016

live wire

there is a live wire wrapped all over my spine
barbed and spiked it has dug in deep
i still smile and tell everyone i'm fine
as i try and try but i get no sleep

some days the wire is silent as death
some days it whispers words to me
if i focus really hard i can make out the meaning
but if i get distracted it all turns to gibberish

there are times when the wire is all for commands
and then the times when all it does is demand
i have to comply, there's naught i can do
i'd rather listen to the wire than listen to you

it's uncomfortable, but i'm kinda used to it now
but i wish i could get rid of the wire somehow
i hate how its always tapped into my thoughts
i guess i'll keep the wire till my spine rots

What is this about? I think I was listening to Fear Factory's new album, Genexus and this image of a spine wrapped with electric wire just came to my mind and how the wire is slowly taking over the thoughts of the person it is attached to that in one thought he hates it, but in the next thought he wants to keep it attached to his spine forever.

What's attached to your spine?

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