Saturday, January 30, 2016

I've got poems

I've got poems
Running around
In my head
Round and round
Like excited kittens
Like puppies on speed
Like sloths on NOS
Like a man consumed by greed
Write me!
Write me!
Write me!
They scream at me
Like psychotic chickens
And if I don't comply
The plot fucking thickens
Look at how these words rhyme, say they
But I don't have all the time, I say
Oh, but can you let go of the deliciousness
And just like that I'm back in the word mess
I've written on pages
I've written on screens
I've rhymed when I shit
I've rhymed when I dream
But the flow of words just keeps increasing
Their lust for eyeballs doesn't seem to be decreasing
Put us up online
It's fine
Or send us to a magazine
God damn, we want to be seen
So the words they dance and they prance
On every chance of romance
With some fucking attention
Do I even need to mention
How hthey give me so much tension
And the only thing I can do
Is set them free every day
So I can get away
And they start to hound you.

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