Sunday, January 10, 2016

I swear something moved

just in the corner of my eye
a glimpse, a flash, a stutter
a ripple in the fabric of reality
and then it was gone

the only thing left
was an afterimage
burned into my retinas
a ghost made of negative light

that and a thought of what it was
if some day it would tear through
to stand in front of me
a monster, a mirage, a myth made real

maybe i'd shake its hand (or claw)
ask what the fuck was up
if it wanted to kill and eat me
or just scare me half to death

whatever the answer the thing gave
one thing is for sure
if i closed my eyes and opened my mind
maybe i wouldn't see it anymore

I think something gave me a start just now. Not sure what it was. And I got lazy in the last paragraph, but that's off the record, alright? Do you believe in ghosts? Apparitions? I've got some classy ghost stories, maybe I'll tell them at some other blog I have.

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