Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Tree

How boring would it be
To just be a tree
Rooted to the ground
While the world spins around me

It won't be much exciting
To see the seasons change
While the humans rearrange
Themselves in different skins

Leave fall and leaves grow
Through the rain and the snow
Sunshine, hail, and fog
Just breathing in this smog

Standing still is no thrill
And now the humans come for me
With their jaws and their claws
They rip, tear and open me

They take my arms and my legs
Turn me into boards and pegs
Divided and thrown all around
My single mind hears the sound

Of the slow walk of the beast
Who comes for all of them
Carrying revenge and retribution
Justice on its poisoned back
Justice is a sky turned black

the lost poem

maybe millions of years ago
when i was just a child
surfing the interwebs
i came across a poem
which impressed me so much
i wrote it down in a notebook
and took a printout too
so that i could read it again 
and again
now the notebook is lost
the printout is lost
the name of the poem in my head
is a fading memory
all that i remember
that the poem was about a butterfly
lost on her way home

Saturday, September 7, 2013


i can feel
the earth vibrate under me
an anger
inside the surface
the mad god sits
the demise of 

when the cracks appear
doubts disappear
there is only one
thing to do
run like fuck
run like fuck, man