Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remember The Magic?

Do you remember the magic?
If you don't, let me help you
Because I want to help you
I'll even say please
I want to show you the magic
So let's go, you and me
Before things turn too tragic

Remember the day of your 
Ninth birthday
When you ripped gift paper off gifts
there was surprise in your eyes
that was magic

Remember the rain on a Monday morning 
When mother said it's okay to not go to school
And you stayed in all day playing video games
Or reading comics in your room
that was magic

Remember the time you went to a new place
How the light played tricks with shadows
How those places smelled
Those peculiar smells that you associate with only those places
that was magic

So where is that magic now?
We have to find it, you and I
We have to dig deep down in our memories
And relive that special memory
Only for a second maybe
To recapture

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