Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here Comes Another Year

Walk in new year
I want to hear
What do you have to say?
Why did the last one turn out that way?

Was it the sins of the people
Their uncontrollable stupidity
Was it the madness and lunacy
Or something more shitty

So what do you have to say new year
Shall we celebrate or cower in fear
You are wrapped in fog and nothing is clear
I am confused about you, so I will swear

Tired, writing on automatic.
Happy New Year everyone.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cog In The Machine

I am just another number
Once dumb, now dumber
I am not what I should have been
I am just a fucking cog in the machine

Everyday I go through the same grind
Good times I have left behind, far behind
Someday, I will fall down and rust
But the machine will use me till I go bust

Still the soul in me is an angry beast
It will not let me think or feel, anything else
I will slam my fist in the walls of life
Scream for Death to take me to hell

I know, Death will say no
It's not my time yet
This little cog will protest its anger
To bring down the machine, you bet.

I will be the anomaly
The cancer in the bones of this system
I will not rest till I am the best
Above and beyond everyfuckingone

Feeling random. I used to write shittier poems like this when I was a teenager. Hrrumph.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Drugged Angels On the Sidewalks

Have you ever felt peace?
The absolute sensation that nothing
Absolutely nothing
Can or will fuck up your Zen.
What is the reality of peace?
Isn't the soul of man born to fight?
What are we without something to fight against
Or for?
We're all fighters, you know
Think about it.
Thought about it?
Now tell me are you gonna give up?
Are you gonna fight?
Into the darkness?
Into the abyss
And stare inside the dark
Scream out...something
A name, a curse, an angry expression of anger
But scream you must
If you don't, the darkness will take you
We wouldn't want that now, would we?
Merry Christmas. I've been busy writing stories on my other blog, A Story A Day but at heart, i think i'll always be a poet :|

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your Tiny Toenail

I will sit near your feet and try
To explore the beauty and the mysteries
Of your tiny toenail
The smooth oval, tiny and fragile
That looks to me like a tiny moon
Pulled down from the heaven and
Captured by you
Just like you captured me
The hunter now the prey
So I pray
To understand the beauty
Of your tiny toenail

Shadowed Hearts

What are you thinking love?
What secrets are there in your head?
I don't really want to know the details
I just want to know if there are any

Every little lie you tell
Pushes me closer to hell
I am afraid of the darkness you know
It's somewhere I don't want to go

Why does love have to be so messed up
Why can't we love simply, just love
Why all these strings and attachments
Why do I have to know your friends?

I only wanted to love you
No one else but only you
How difficult is that?
Is this what we had asked for?

Keeping it simple for a while. Bear with me.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Internet Is Slow

My internetz are slow tonight
I do not know what's wrong
So I'm doing nothing much
Just listening to songs

Why are the internetz so slow?
Is it some virus or malware? oh no!
I remember last time I had this problem
Blue Screen of Death and madness

I wish my internetz were faster
I wish a data card was cheaper
I wish I had more power to download
All the songs in the world

But I am stuck here with a slow connection
Feeling embarrassed to even type its speed
Surfing in dead slow net is no fun
A dedicated broadband is what I need

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Make Her Bleed

The starfish lay there
Like the star of David
Or a pentagram
Waiting for the prodding scalpel
To make her bleed
Feed her need
To feel something
Inside of her
To make her feel alive
Yet again
Wake her
From this deadness
The numb feeling
That had crawled
Deep in her bones
With the cold wind
The starfish lies
Lies there waiting
For something
To make her bleed
We need more poems!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eating Bananas At 3 AM

There must be people awake
Talking to their girlfriends
Earplugs stuck in brains
As they lie in their beds
At 3 AM

There must be people awake
Sitting in a call center
Talking to someone in America or maybe UK
With a fake accent
At 3 AM

There must be people traveling
In the buses and trains and cars and on foot
In the darkness from A to B
Waiting for a loo clean enough to pee
At 3 AM

There must be people doing Dirty Things
Somewhere, where, I don't know
Don't even want to
But I know they are doing Dirty Things
At 3 AM

But what I really want to know is,
Why am I
Writing a poem and
Eating bananas
At 3 AM

Monday, October 26, 2009

Demon Kiss

Hello Demon,
We meet again
Been a long time
But we're still friends

How could I forget you
You were just over my shoulder
Looking at everything with mild amusement
My feeble attempts at happiness

There is broken glass in this handshake
Grind it in deep man, make me bleed
I still cannot feel anything
Only indifference

I think I am immune now
Immune to feeling happy, sane or insane
I don't really feel I have anything to say
But would you like some vodka?


I read an email today, from one of you. Thanks. This poem is for you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Butterfly Bullets

* This poem's title might remind you of Smashing Pumpkins song Bullet With Butterfly Wings

The fly at me one by one
Like angels falling from the sun
They bite and sting me, iBurn
I smash them away but they return

Butterfly bullets seep in my skin
Bleed me bloody, suck out my sin
Fangs fixed in my bones within
Laughing for my sins, I atone, #WIN

In a hale of orange, black and red I fell
Drifting between heaven and hell
What is real anymore I can't tell
I don't want to wake up from this spell

But it's already morning and I wasn't asleep
This dream of Butterfly Bullets ain't mine to keep
I've turned into an insomniac creep
Who pretends to listen to alarm clock's beep

Never really rhymed so much. I'm awake at 5.30 AM. Couldn't sleep all night. Don't expect genius from me now. Take what is given.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Poison Of Moving Images

There is a vision on the television
It is talking in strange words to you
You are listening entranced by the colors
Each channel flicked is something new

Your attention span wavers to a naught
As you drift through data streams on TV
What used to be cool now isn't even hot
You mind is imprisoned never to be free

There will be no turning off for the TV set
It will record shows while you catch your sleep
While you frown and while you fret
TV will calm you with soothing boops and beeps

With senses and emotions dull you watch
Like children entranced by moving images
As food crumbs gather near your crotch
You have become a slave to showbiz

I don't own a tv and I am somehow proud of the fact. TV is poison for the mind, in all its forms. Save your kids, don't keep a TV in house.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Cigarette

The cigarette dangles from her slender fingers
Leaving curls of smoke in the air
Lazily, she takes a drag
And blows the smoke in my face

The smile is in her eyes now
The joke is only on me
She strokes my head and touches my cheek
Almost motherly

The ashes float to the floor
She stubs the cigarette in my skin
I wince in pain but do not cry
I light another one for her

We do this till the morning light
Till I'm out of breath and out of fight
She uncuffs me so I can rest
Tonight will be another test

Of love, love and love
Brrr, this is kinda spooky. Don't know where it just jumbled together from. The premise here is that a guy and a girl love each other but she is so possessive that she won't let him go. And the weird thing here is that the guy is ok with her possessiveness. So, it's like a mutually beneficial, not predatory, but symbiotic relationship which keeps everyone happy! yay! #WIN

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bloody Love :: A Poem Of War Love

You take the one sword from my hand
And skewer the man behind me.
I kiss your lips and throw my staff
In face of man who you can't see

There is blood and guts on your hands
Your fingers intertwined in mine
We course through this massacre
Our love baby, is so fine

You wipe the blood from my eyes
That glimmer full of love for you
As I twist the neck of a fucker
Who got too close for comfort

We are joined by blood in this battlefield
The blood of our enemies who lie dying
So lets consummate our union, come
In midst of warriors screaming crying

Their screams will be our blessings
Their curses, our boons
Death and murder the gifts we take
Our bloody love will shine eternal

Monday, September 21, 2009

The World Disappears

In a senseless void
There is no sensation
No feeling
No pain
No love
No hate
No madness
The only feeling is a numbness of the heart and soul
I have drifted so long, now
I am the void
Man, I've lost all drive today
To be something
To do something
To live
Or to die
Just a barren landscape of my mind
Where I do not even try
To do anything
But I guess it's all ok
Yeah, still it's all ok
As long as
I can write poems
Out of my misery

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Poem Of Feelings

There are leeches in the water
There are swarms in the air
There are people on the sidewalks
They are listening to John Mayer

There is no place that is safe
There is no one who is sane
When the chips all fall off
You too should better go insane

The stink of the world is wrong
No one listens to your song
Withering in the oil of loneliness
You can't get out of this mess

Words do not make sense at times
There is no sense in words anyway
It all boils down to how you feel
And if those feelings are really real

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Have you ever crashed?
Did time slow down?
Those useless actions that didn't help
Twisting and turning to get things back under control

The surprise on failing control
The rush of adrenaline through your system
That sudden spike of energy
That made you invincible, unbreakable

So fuck it if you broke
Cuz it could have been worse
Think of every breath as a blessing
Ride with Death's hand on your shoulder

The feeble grip of bony fingers
That gets tighter on every fast turn
Watching every errant vehicle near you
Let Death protect you.

Almost crashed today. Thankfully, not a single scratch. Thanks to whoever is up there taking care of me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Sink

Come with me
We'll sink together
In this black slush
That has become the days
And nights
Every breath
Is an effort
Fuck being positive
Happiness is pain
So let me remain
In this state of
A perpetual decent
Let us see how far
We can fall
How deep can we go
While gripping thin strands of sanity
With our rotting teeth
Some let's sink
Let's go beneath

The Things We Love

Thoughts crash into me like Butterflies
Like psycho clowns throwing Apple pies
I slam them back the best I can
If I cannot I might not be The Man

This tug of war cannot be won
We'll always be two, never one
Keep passing responsibilities
Like poisoned sharp time bombs

We sit across this dinner table
Candles, wine and food for two
Some fuck's making this a fable
As you eat me and I eat you

Do you feel ashamed to say you love me?
Or am I choking you too hard?
Why can't you speak those three words?
Or accept Death as a reward?

We should kill the things we love, or the things we love will kill us.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There is a hole in my head
But I'm not dead
Just a zombie, alive
Somehow I've survived

Of course there is love
The push turned to shove
If there is anything I miss
It's the kiss

The voices in my head giggle
They know something that I don't
Really don't know wtf that is
Don't wanna find out either

I have added another poem to the horde
They will soon come for you and kill you
I will write some rhymes in your obituary
Maybe yes, maybe not

A Poem of Saying No.

I'm not listening anymore
To what the world has to say
I have middle fingers stuck in my ears

I won't even see you talk
The things that you want to tell me
They are useless

I will not speak to you
There is nothing left to be spoken
All we had once, is broken

I am not me anymore
Cuz I wasn't me to begin with
Yes, I am sure
You have to say No sometime. That time is when you put your foot down and say fuck it I'm not taking this bullshit anymore.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Poem of Monotony:: Spin The Vicious Cycle

The same shit
But they day is different
A different texture
And smell

The same anger
Useless frustration
Will not move me
Laziness has seeped in my pores

The same mistakes
Fucked as fucked can be
When will we learn
To be unhappy in misery

More words down on paper
This will lead to nothing
Why do I do these things
Fuck everything

The same shit
But they day is different
A different texture
And smell

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Confused Confessions :: A Poem about Madness

I have carved runes in my skin
I have sinned more than sin
I have drank the dark of the night
I have lost and won love in a fight

My world is scattered around me
All day I'm looking through the debris
Searching for something I will not find
Because I know I left it far behind

The innocence and the purity are gone
In darkness I'm sitting all alone
In company of a grin on my face
If I fuck up, I won't leave a trace

Please don't look at me like this
Come here, give me a kiss
I'm not a bad man, just misunderstood
I'm worse than me, isn't that good?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Cycle Of Screams : A Poem

The circle spins
A cycle of pain
It spins and spins
As we grow insane

There are monkeys on wires
Everything is Electric
Souls poked with desires
Doesn't it make you sick?

The screams are so lovely at times
They shake the sky and stars blur
I wonder what are our crimes
That make us live and suffer

A scream is tattooed on my skin
Each days its buried deep within
I scratch the wound and bleed like fuck
Life and death are fate and luck

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chainsawed in a Million Pieces

I got a chainsaw
And a score to settle
I'm gonna shove up your jaw
All this fucking metal

You show me teeth
Well I got teeth too
And these are made of steel
Now they wanna kiss you

I sure can't hear you scream
All I hear is the whrinn whrinn
Wake up this is not a dream
You will die and I will win!

Man, do I love writing angry shit.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Tank On Planet Earth -

A Poem of Monkeys and Tankman

The green has taken over the planet
Monkeys frolic and bounce in the trees
Man had invited this fate
And the end of human species

But there is only one last hope
A man left in darkness to grope
Alone in a tank in middle of nowhere
Just ammo and a desire to be somewhere (else)

Does he fight to survive or for a higher purpose?
What strange voices make his head buzz?
Where does the new stock of ammo come from?
All this questions are unanswered in his head

So he sits in the last tank on planet earth
Waiting for the commands he has heard since his birth
The can of beer in his hand is still cold
The Tankman is 25 and he isn't getting old.

Ok, I am back with poems bubbling in my head. There are going to be more Monkey Poems and more Tankman Poems. Cuz someone here mentioned them. Yesh, MKan, I mean you :) thanks!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Poem of Words

They slither through my fingers
Treacherous, friendly, they bite me
I push them in order in sentences
Angry, disgruntled they fight me

Some say its easy to write
They should feel a word's bite
The sting in a critical comment
It fucking mental torment
(But needed, much)

I have stared at empty screen for days
From January till many Mays
Till the words trickled like blood drops
Breathing red in my dying hopes

It has been a tough ride so far
I've been crawling without a car
I'm afraid now, standing at the crossroad
Am i strong enough to take a writer's load?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dark Warriors

Finally, they have me surrounded
I'm alone and dumbfounded
Their weapons sharp, reflect the dark
Their bite will be worse than my bark

In a circle of ten they laugh at me
Only glinting eyes and sharp teeth I see
Their laughter is like nails on blackboard
If they don't kill soon, I'll get bored

"Come on fuckers, take your best shot"
And suddenly I'm feeling hot
One swings his sword and it passes through me
His arm is on fire, and quickly burning

The next few seconds are a feverish rush
I open my eyes to see fire in the bush
They lie around me all burning on the road
The chicken curry i had in lunch made my ass explode.
*slams head in keyboard*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Say?

The heavy sun hangs low
I'll only sing the songs you know
Shadows of night are crawling fast
Soon, it will be time for me to go

You say 'No'.

The world is crawling to a halt
It seems that it is all my fault
Time is stuck, so are clouds
But I know that I must go

You say 'No'

The smile on your lips is so inviting
All my feelings I am fighting
You know I want to kiss you slow
You know too that I must go

You say 'No'

Your skin seems so warn to touch
I always asked for just this much
I cannot move now, your eyes have me snared
I make my mind I will not go.

You say 'Go'

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let Me Entertain Me

The music is just noise
In my head is a voice
It's speaking orders to me

The TV screen is just snow
There is nowhere left to go
I can see patterns in the chaos

The radio is just empty static
I won't let the silence make me sick
I'll drain my ears with sound and fury

The internet is slow like a dead dog
Maybe it's the bandwidth that I hog
I'll keep doing it till I'm awake
We are so addicted to entertaining ourselves.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bottles Call My Name- A Poem On Drinking

They are lying in the shops
All around the city
So pretty

They are full of liquid life
That is sloshing so beautifully
Calling me

They are in my budget now
But I cannot drink
I can only think

They are calling my name
I listen but I don't bother
Cuz if not me, they'd call some other

Monday, June 22, 2009

Leaking Emotions: A Poem Of Loss

I am leaking emotions from my pores
Till there's nothing left to leak anymore
Been too much now I cannot even cry
Though I try, I try, I try
But there are no tears in my eyes
Should I go crazy and scream at the skies?
But that would be stupid so scratch that thought
I think I'll make do with what I have got
Some thoughts
A bottle of pills
A rope
A blade
And the mess of life that I have made
Will I walk the sinner's walk
If I keep talking this loser talk
I leak more emotions walking into the glades
I walk with thorns kissing my face
I used to think I need my space
But now I need someone to invade it.

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shadow Dance Omega

I looked for sense in books
In street corners and nooks
I checked with the crooks
All I got were dirty looks

Some days, it simply isn't done
What is the purpose of being a human?
Would I be happy if I were a tree
Would being rooted set me free?

We are trapped in cyclical fits
Repetitive pain of being alive
But we grow so used to the bullshit
If not fed that we'd not survive

There is only a question, forever
The answer for it is never never
It is only a smirking, smug grin
On the face of the big joker, God.

Hello dear readers, how have you all been?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Me and My Demons

I want to drift away tonight
Find my demons,
Face them
Offer them a lit cigarette
(even though I do not smoke, but I think all demons do)
Share a bottle of vodka with them

"It's been a long journey guys,"
I will tell them, as i fill their glasses
"True, true, remember when you were six?"
"Yeah," I'll say, "you helped me write the first poem."
"And made you think thoughts of never-ending evil."

"I like that," I'll say, "thanks, i really appreciate."

They will all laugh with me, at me,
Like grandfathers laughing at a kid who has
Walked in on a meeting of strangers.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Poem Of Adsense

The readers of this blog are
Different and close to me than readers of
My other two blogs
But i must do this

Which I do not like that much
But I feel the time is neigh
I am in need and I have realized
The bottom line is money

If i make money from these ads,
(Which I am doubtful that I will)
The first check from Google comes at $300
That is exactly what I get by working 12 hours a day
21 days a month, doing something that i do not love
so much as i love this blog, I must do this

I feel guilty for doing this
Am i prostituting my art?
Is this even art?
Am i prostituting my skills?
But don't we all?

Now, i guess i will let it be
And see
If I can write a poem that rhymes

Friday, May 22, 2009

Love The Pain

Burn through the circle
Learn from our mistakes
Life isn't that simple
We gotta do what it takes

Hammer to the anvil babe
There is trouble in the skies
Life will keep asking questions
And we will keep telling lies

Kicked in the teeth
Lost for words that you might like
Life runs faster than death
And faster than my bike

Torn, bruised and beaten
Fuck it, I'm not moving again
Life is just a cycle of hurt
But don't we love the pain?



I have tried using a different rhyme structure in this poem. Every third line starts with word Life, and the poem's every second and fourth line rhyme. It's fun writing poems about pain, poems about life, poems about love and poems about the redundancy and uselessness of life. Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sexy Fear

The peace is a lie
One day we will die
It's just a matter of
Who will first fuck off

All day I am just scared
Of what I'm laying bare
The angry feelings I feel
Can they someday become real?

Maybe this is all just a dream
Twenty five summers I have seen
Still, I'm trapped and never free
How many winters will I see?

I've forgotten why I am here
I'm only haunted by a sexy fear
I love it, won't let go of it
It loves me too, just like you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Suicide Trip

Black and huge,
The ghosts of anger rise
I am not surprised
I saw them coming from miles away
The choking feeling in me
Is my soul screaming
Wrapped in fucking chains of silver
This is no life
This is no life
We were promised more than this
This is not it
This is shit!
This is just impotent anger
And I am made of it.
If, just if I had a gun
It would be fun
To place it in my mouth
Kiss its barrel
Feel the end so close
And think about it, without pulling the trig
The end, beautiful.
Whatever. I am not going to hold myself back if I become a bad
impression on the kids, or if people get offended by my words, or if
people kill themselves on reading these poems. Fuck it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Featured @ Writer's Corner :)

Dear readers, friends, haters, lovers, poets and small animals of
different sizes. Our amazing rhyming talents are finally seeing the
light of the day on the InterWebs!
The very nice and super polite Ofira Sephiroth at
told me that she'd like to feature Follow in her blog's Spotlight
section. That made me happy. She mailed me today again to tell me that
Follow is up at her blog's Spotlight section at Now you can also be
happy and make her happy by going to her blog and saying Hi!!


Poems shall resume their irregular course :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Put Me Down

I want to write a book
And learn how to cook
Climb the Himalayas
And see the ocean
Make some strange music
For a change, not feel sick
Earn more money
Be more funny
Write more poems
That rhyme better than this one
I just want to have fun

But I have a life to live
And fuck to give
There is no escape here
And I am not taking the coward's way out
So if they put me down, i'll scream and shout and kick and bite and claw
my way to Hades

All the while thinking of your sweet close to mine.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

M1nd L0ad

It's time to get things done boy
No time time for fun or to enjoy

It's time to bite the bullet love
Just plain hard work, no push or shove

It's time to pull up the socks and work
This doesn't rock and there are no perks

It's time to put the fingers to the keyboard
Release the word worms and shed some mind load
Any reward for decent hard work cannot compensate the sweat, blood, and tears.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tie me
In your hair
Throttle me
Right now
Right here

Trap me
You already did
I am hypnotized
A slave to you

Take me
To heaven
Or hell
I will follow
Like a sick puppy

Tell me
When I am bad
How will you punish me
I will
Dream of it

The idea is inspired by Robert Browning's Prophyria's Lover. Just executed in a different style. Not even dirt compared to the real poem, just my dirt.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are We Connected?

Are We Connected?- A Poem Of Social Networking
Dark is the soul
Deep is the hole
Demons control

This social networking
Is not working
After five days of working unknown
On weekend I still drink alone

These satanic bits and bytes
Crawl in my dreams at night
I wake up and the first thing I do
Is check for wall posts from you

Everyone is added in my friend list now
Everyone known and unknown
But you are gone and,
Again I am drinking alone

Been a long time, since I wrote a rhyme
This one was written as a Facebook note, posted here for those who missed it on Facebook!

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Poem of Waiting

Strange tides have washed up my shores
I am getting bored of intellectual whores
This is a time when I must do what it takes
This is a time when I need a break

Poems shall resume in month of March
I'll most probably buy a new watch
There is a dragon to kill and monsters to slay
I also have my birthday in May

So, as I take your leave don't be disheartened
I shall be back cuz words are important
Writing words is the only work that I like
I think of writing even when I ride my bike

It's been fun and games but I feel tired
Don't celebrate right now cuz I've not retired
I've just shut one blog and put the other on hold
I'll post poems and stories when we're away from this cold.
ASAD is on hold and The Fucked Up has been shut down. Poetry, which wasn't getting too many updates shall have to suffer with the others till March 1.
Adios, Amigos!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Want!!

I don't want your celebrations
I am good with my frustrations
I am in much better company
Than what any of you can give me

I don't want to dance
I don't want romance
I think you all suck
When I don't get to fuck

I don't want your pounding music
I want music that will make you sick
I'm getting bored worse than a brick
You should all go and sit on a toothpick

I don't want your shitty drinks
I don't care what everyone thinks
I got my bottle of vodka, Smirnoff
So all of you can just fuck off
No, readers should not fuck off, you can all comment here. This is about the times when we all have been at a place without our wish.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Words are magical,

Like cats,

But we do not know it.


Words are powerful,

Like old women,

But they don't show it.


Words are full of energy,

Like children,

Who grow old each day.


Words are full of madness

Like poems,

Which infect those who read them.


Words are forever

Like memories,

Which we can not erase.


I write stories too at A Story A Day, but in the heart of my hearts, I will always be a poet. There is too much lying in storytelling, and though I like that, sweet lies just can't match the bitter taste of truth.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jaws Of Death

I am standing in the shadows again
The night is dark, cold is the rain
I can feel the throb in one vein
A sigh escapes with a trickle of pain

The old friends, the guns are heavy in my hands
A comfort, as I kill my way through these strange lands
I left a trail of death and pain in my wake
Let's see how much more can they take

I killed for reasons
In all the seasons
I killed whole groups
And twos and ones.

There are still bullets left in these guns
And they will last these two dying suns
There are many more of them left to kill
The jaws of death can never be filled

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Green Line

Like the heartbeat of an old man
Insane, irregular on a broken cardiogram
A green line, carrying hope, life and death
Bouncing up and down with each stolen breath

I watch with obsidian curiosity
Without anything resembling pity
This is even more entertaining than porn
But if this line falls flat, I will mourn

The line makes hills, valleys, highs, and lows
I'll follow it to as far as it goes
I wait for the final point as the green line glows
I am waiting for it to end, it knows

Finally, a sign pops up on the screen
I hear it pop and I know what it means
All my senses with great joy exploded
All my torrents have finally downloaded!!!
Dear blog, I have been an asshole and I am sorry that I ignored you for such a long time, its just you and me now, here. Just us, and fuck all those ASAD and TFU people. Its just my poetry and me.