Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shut Down The World

Shut Down The World

Pull the plug
Flush the shit
Nuke the living
Bury the dead with it

Throw the lever
Spread the fever
Make the world hurt
Fill the wounds with dirt

Blast it all to pieces
Rid the earth of all the species
Make the danger sirens wail
Death is available today in sale

Empty machine-guns in this hole
They want everything? Give them all
Fuck it all to infinity and beyond
Let's see if their gods stand their ground


  1. Nuke the GRID. We need aroused statistics now on.
    Bless you if you don't pill the damn cable-addict.


    P.S. I'd be glad to stimulate your skeptic cells if i were to. I'd be regular to this blog from now on and ask others too.
    Yipee! for your blog advertising work.

  2. you reminded me of the song ├ćnema by tool. was that your inspiration, by any chance?

  3. That was terrible. And unhelpful.