Monday, October 20, 2008


I am drinking and I'm drinking
I am drinking and I'm thinking
I am thinking and I'm drinking
Most times I'm thinking and I'm thinking

Sometimes I am thinking of drinking
Sometimes I am drinking for thinking
Sometimes I am thinking for thinking
Most times I am drinking for drinking

There are times when I drink and think
There are times when I think and drink
Weekdays are when I think and think
Weekends are when I drink and drink

If there is a day when I stop drinking
If there is a day when I stop thinking
That day I will start thinking of drinking
And then I will start drinking for thinking.


Frankly, I never like to say that some poem of mine is good. But, for this one, let me make an exception, this has to be the most psychedelic shit I have ever written. Fuck, it makes me trippy just reading it again. Fuck fuck fuck, I'm awesome!

Gotta stop drinking. :P


  1. gotta stop thinking.

    man you're making me feel like searching for that bottle i stashed in my cupboard a few years ago, to glug it all down in one go when my parents aren't looking.

  2. Hence the split personality? One is the voice of the drink's and one of the thinker's!

  3. Kris...we all gotta stop doing lot of things man. I hope the parents aren't looking anytime soon, or whenever you get the booze out of the slooze ;)

    Akshaya...very much, split personalities, all personalities are split into pieces :) you should meet the writer, the poet, the ranter and the rest of the gang..good company while drinking I say :)

    Thanks! Prompt commenters! Huzza!


  4. trippy doesnt even begin to cover it...theres too much happening in my head and stomach after reading it and i cant even much for reading and thinking about drinking. I wanna DRINK drink now. :(


    P.S.--Good as ever!

  5. reminds me of smses i send out when i'm drunk, which have fast taken on a legendary status :D the stuff of pure genius, i say :P

  6. Your are'nt so thrunk as you dink!!nor dunk as you thrink...i think§§?

    ; )


  7. nice nice...:D

    totally out of the world stuff