Sunday, October 12, 2008


Your love is like a bomb
Ticking in my heart
Your love is like a sharp axe
Chopping me apart
Your love is like a chainsaw
Lodged in my jaw
Your love is like a lap dance
That made me go WHA!

Seriously, I could use some loving
And some company in drinking
Cuz sure as fuck I know tonight
I can not finish the full bottle alone

There will be a point by early morning
When I am too drunk to make my pegs
My thoughts will drift towards your legs
Oh, those slim, brown legs in the dim light

Your love is like ecstasy
You have got me running
Your love is like a 9MM
Babe, you got me gunning
Your love is like a full bottle of Vod
That I can not finish alone
I am too fucked up without you
Baby, please come home.

4.31 AM



  1. Awwww

    (What else do i write?)

  2. I'm a fan already. Intense modern poetry huh? Rolling ur blog rite away!

  3. I thought U didnt want anyone when u had Vodka with u! :P

  4. dude. i'm impressed yet again. excellent!!!

  5. Sakshi...awww is ok :) works just fine :)

    AK...I like your poems too! Thanks for rolling, we gonna roll you too :)

    Jevvs...heh, 'She' is an exception. ;)

    Kris...thanks man :) this one came out when I was a bit, ok very, high. ha.