Saturday, October 4, 2008

Giving Up On Mr. G

Someday, Life will give up on me
Like I gave up on drink few weeks back
Seems like a lifeitime has passed but now
I think I am going into withdrawal

It's Big G's birthday today
Should I celebrate in my own way?
But, Fuck, it is a dry day
This is gay
Mr. G wouldn't have approved anyway

Cuz I get pretty non violent with few drinks inside me


This was written on 2nd October...late night, wishing for a drink and also thinking how 90% of the fucking world will ignore the birthday of another of the great men of Indian politics LBS. Old rant. Oh well, there is a vodka fueled rant that I am populariszing all over the internetz...this is good, not as good as the poems we have here, but, close. Lot of F bombs, profanity and an overall disrespectful, offending and belligerent attitude towards the man whose picture graces most of the Indian currency. Oh, the write up, yesh, you can read it here :)

and, for people with a fucked up sense of humor, how about a dog called Fuck?

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