Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fantasy

Somewhere in some forgotten time
I am alive and kicking everything alive
Living a rich man's life, not making ammends
Living on a boat with supermodel girlfriends

In that time I have got servants
And I'm attending Page 3 events
Where sex and booze are overflowing
From parties to parties I am going

And there are people who are making queues
To get my autograph as I yell FUCK YOU's
I'm pissing on the world from my mighty tower
And everyone exults under the golden shower

In some filthy corner of the world
RSS people and ugly aunties are burning my effigy
While I sit in my mansion and drink vodka neat
Writing poems from a pool to ward off the heat


Alas, it's all a fantasy
The truth is bitter and cold
Even before I have started my story
I'm getting fat and old.


yeah and I am gonna do something about the tire aroung my waist now. GOD DAMN!!!


  1. tsk tsk..dont talk about your paunch if you dont want to lose the reader in meh. Mucha serious, baby.

    And i know a guy who pretty much lives your fancy. Its not all that nice.

  2. Kris...gonna drop down on the alcohol man. Serious. :|

    Sakshi...meri paunch bahut door tak jaati hai :) Hey chill, i'm gonna get a six pack by new year :D
    Well, let me live this fancy and then I'll say if its nice or not :)