Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chasing The Sun

Kris commented:: Possibly interesting factlet: at 4am on saturday morning (the time of the post) i was biking across maharashtra, almost alone (i.e. another friend pm his own bike in the distance)...i wanted to catch the sunrise in someplace i haven't been before. the chosen place was a beach at dahanu. bet you never thought of putting that into the poem :D

So, Kris bro, this is my poetic account of a mad dash to see the sun rise, somewhere in the year 2007, when a lot of friends, after a drinking party, got a thought to watch the rising sun from some fort near Ludhiana, where Rang De Basanti was filmed. It sucked, but the ride was worth it. Here goes

Empty bottles strewn across the floor
We've had a peg too many but we want more
And now someone gets up and asks for tea
They can go and fuck themselves, not me.

These fucks have left me alone in this place
The light from a laptop illuminating my face
I think I am watching a movie or somthing similar 
I should have been far far away, with her.

But then the phone rings and its the people gone for tea
The are going somewhere and they are coming to pick me
I am in no state to go anywhere I just want to lie down
But I also need to just get the fuck out of this town

So at 3 in the morning, 3 cars and mad lot all of us
Running over dogs, driving like fucks and acting obnoxious
No one knows the way to the Rang De Basanti fort for the action
But we drive on without bother in a general direction

Drunk drivers taking a chance with the life of all seated
No matter what happens, that night can't be repeated
Swearing and cursing like sailors on our way
One dude got so frisky we thought he was gay (he was just drunk

Then we reached someplace that was somewhere in that movie
A movie I had not seen cuz it wasn't too groovy
Patriotism gives me constipation to tell you the fact
But even without the movie reference that place was seriously whacked

A graffiti bombed relic with bricks crumbling by
Where we climbed rickety stairs to watch the sun rise
It wasn't that that big a fun, it surely wrecked the pics
And then the high was gone and I was wishing for a drink

Half asleep, Half sober
Somehow we made it back
Then I realised this shit was jacked
All the food was still packed 
But I guess all our stomachs were
filled with the view of the rising sun...


  1. oh wow...awesome!!! reminds me of my college days :D


  2. nice work..

    but this line just dint connect with me
    "Patriotism gives me constipation "
    dint find it appropriate

  3. @Kris...hey, those were my college days...and we were not even in the same college! LOL!

    @Parveen...thanks for liking man. Well, if you got a problem with the poem, that's your problem :)