Monday, October 13, 2008

The Chanting

You are listening to that song again
Drinking rum to drown the pain
Wondering if you are still sane
Silently whispering that name

You do not feel the darkness anymore
For it has seeped into your every pore
The silence is no longer haunting
Filled by your insistent chanting

The rest of the world stops to matter
Even death won't make it better
This rancid itch is here to stay
Itching a bit more than yesterday

You pick the scab to make it bleed
Some more pain is what you need
Who the fuck really needs to heal?
When the pain can make you feel...human again.

-----Now, if that got too sad and depressing, here is the kicker, in the balls----

I think we need more monkeys in these rhymes
People don't like to read pain and anger all the time
Maybe we can start with other animals too

Someone just like me or you.


There is going to be a collection post at A Story A Day today, around 23 hours from now. It might be fun, you might enjoy it, cuz I will enjoy writing it for sure.


  1. nah we dont need monkeys...dark pain makes for good poetry.
    Reminded me of this song - whiskey lullaby

  2. Write about a pig? and a panda? and a dragonfly. :D


  3. animals are poor beings man!
    dont make fun of them! :D lol!
    write a poem about politicians instead! ;)


  4. for once i thot u were actually gonna be serious =P

    d beginnin reminded me of someone else's writin style tho... nice one =)


  5. monkeys or pigs, it's not gonna be worth reading if they're not fucked this stuff man!!!

  6. AK...i need the monkeys! Monkeys are coooool!! :D

    Sakshi...this is a poem blog love, not a zoo :) we only wtite monkey poems :P

    Imp....dude, animals are not beings:) eeekkk! politicians! nah!

    Shimmer...i was serious. he he he naaaah :) crualty to animals man :P


  7. She said, “Like crying just to feel your cheeks”.
    Like the bleeding to feel, right?
    Rock on