Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bored @ 4 AM

It's 4 AM
Old people walk out for walks
There are unknown birds making chirping outside
And Sun getting ready for another day
While I am drunk and thinking of you

There are The Beatles in my ears
And I think we have the same fears
Of tomorrow and the day after
And the whole fucking life ahead

Life is difficult, but I have alcohol
When it gets tough, for some time
I can afford to forget it all
And hope it will end up fine

Somedays I do not want to rhyme
Just want to kill someone and do jailtime
But I heard they don't have net in jail
How will I update my blogs and check my email?

Other days I do want to make sense
In this dull, dreary space devoid of romance
Maybe I should read a Mills and Boons
I wish I was born with silver spoons.

And anothe bored poem joins the hoard of shit

Is this it?

4.05 AM


  1. possibly interesting factlet: at 4am on saturday morning (the time of the post) i was biking across maharashtra, almost alone (i.e. another friend pm his own bike in the distance)...i wanted to catch the sunrise in someplace i haven't been before. the chosen place was a beach at dahanu. bet you never thought of putting that into the poem :D

  2. Adored this one! Your poems remind me of Eels..I so hope you have heard their songs!

  3. Showing off dickhead.
    FINE. You can stick out a poem in 5 minutes. Stop showing off now. Hrmphh.

  4. Kris...oh man, have driven a lot to see sunsets :) those were the days :)

    Priya...Eels rock. I love that song, "It's a motherfucker" :)

    Sakshi...actually it took two minutes in posting and sending it ;) If I don't show off who will!