Tuesday, October 7, 2008




Who has the time to read these days
Job and life take most of weekdays
Weekends are spent online surfing porn
From late night to early morn

and no one has the time to read

But others write on anyway
like this dude I know
Nothingman he goes by the name
and writing stories his game

Even though his concept is pretty gay
I mean, WTF, a blog called A Story A Day?
Its not even a daily story there
But then, that's not the case anywhere

This poem is kind of plug for this dude
Before him and me get into a fued
(I heard he writes his stories in nude)
I didn't say this, so I can't get sued

Oh let me not digress and come to the point
This dude is writing daily storis at his joint
So head over to ASAD from 6 to 12 October
Also, get them, him, him and her, to read

Leave the poor sod some comments, they might be crappy
But when he checks his mail it will surely make him happy
So move your ships to the ASAD port
The stories are real short
Do not snort
Even if they don't make sense
Enjoy the presence 
Of a fucked up psycho amongst you..


There, this is plug for my bro, friend, mentor and partner in crime, Nothingman. He is writing stories, weird, fucked up, violent, crazy, twist in the tale shorts, 100-150 words each. Go and tell them you came from Poetry.



  1. hmmm...nice idea!!! fame never hurt anyone, especially if it came from a poem like this one :D

  2. Whoaa
    shit. a gay being gay and writing gay poems for his gay friend who writes cool stories as he strips away top glory.


  3. top= to
    And dont bother driving sense into a place where its not welcome
    Oh! and good publicity. Where is my impressionist; who'll write poems to publicize me?

    Where? where? where?


  4. lol bro!
    U can write poems and stories on just about anything!
    Why dont u try writing something like my paris hilton poem? :D


  5. I hope this isn't your defining mantra ;)