Sunday, September 7, 2008


**This is not about me, it is about something I read recently. I do not write these kind of poems  generally, but this one just flowed, oh and it has no monkeys. Damn. Here goes.

When I was a kid just like you
I felt these 'things' called emotions
As childhod passed those did too
Now I just move through empty motions

Sometimes I sift through this thing called my soul 
It's all ashes, dirt, debris, and smoke 
But at the bottom something crawls through a hole
I watch it and I laugh and cry till I choke

Now, I'm not looking for a happy ending
Because I have seen the future, it looks grim
I have fucking had it with all this pretending
As I get fatter, my hope gets thin

I just long for the chaos in my head
Each disorder an ending in its own
Whatever I do, I know I will be dead
Unloved, unforgiven and unknown.


  1. a bit depressin but i shudnt talkwith my own share of depressin poetry... i wonder what inspired u enough to write this...

  2. ah, shimmu, the line about fatter and thin is supossed to be funny :P

    it's not a depressing poem as such, but just, ironic ;)


  3. I didnt know u write such poetry too! :D
    I always thought ur poetry was just funny! :P


  4. Jevvs...hey this was a funny poem man! :)

    IG...Yeah, rest of your head was scary stuff, this was the only funny thing I could find.