Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank YOU!

We have just achieved 10,000 hits according to the statcounter dashboard. Thanks to everyone who has been reading :)

In no particular order:: D, Shimmer, Orgasmik, Jeevy, Zedekiah, Alesea, Island Girl, Lucid Darkness, Rex Venom, KB, Noah, Alcoholic Poet, And all the people who read and never leave a comment.

We highly appreciate you reading these poems and we thank you from the bottom of a barrel of monkeys. There must be monkeys. Always.

So, may your gods always bless you and may your paths be filled with lights, may the road you travel be smooth and your tank always full, and may you ride hard and fast into the sunrise of your dreams. 

More poetry shall continue after this. 


1 comment:

  1. Hey N the monkeys have not been mentioned for a while and that may be the reason for the hits. But since we like you, we don't mind the monkeys.
    whatever the rocks the boat... ;)