Monday, September 29, 2008


Pissed off
Pissed on
Just going through the drafts I found this one, written some six months back. Just thought I'd share. This is for all the fucked up people. Cheers!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Grinding we be
Into eternity
Thoughtless machines
Working working working

We are all around ye
Why can't you see
Us, heartless freaks
Hauled into humble humility

A hope to be free
For you to fly with me
Our wings brutally torn
Before being born

The joy in the sadness
Is the method in our madness
To you all we must confess
We love the pain pain pain

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There IS a poem underneath this post.

I do not post links on this blog, but this blogpost by Soubriquest at his blog Grit in the Gears caught my attention and I felt I should share this with the few(1-2-3?) readers I have. 

A poem was banned. This is double publicity, much like getting an award. Heck, better than an award. Check the post by clicking here.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sea of Shit

There is a time to say Oh NO!
There is a time to say FUCK IT!
There is no time better than now
When you are neck deep in shit

There will be no splashing or swimming
The sea of shit will drown your soul
This shit will make you puke your intestines
From your mouth and your asshole

There is no coast or no beach to this sea
You are floating here all alone
But, there are flies and vultures, you see
To accompany you to the final home

So drown fucker drown
In the yellow and the brown
I dare you to open up and scream
Swallow shit, this is not a dream


Better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank YOU!

We have just achieved 10,000 hits according to the statcounter dashboard. Thanks to everyone who has been reading :)

In no particular order:: D, Shimmer, Orgasmik, Jeevy, Zedekiah, Alesea, Island Girl, Lucid Darkness, Rex Venom, KB, Noah, Alcoholic Poet, And all the people who read and never leave a comment.

We highly appreciate you reading these poems and we thank you from the bottom of a barrel of monkeys. There must be monkeys. Always.

So, may your gods always bless you and may your paths be filled with lights, may the road you travel be smooth and your tank always full, and may you ride hard and fast into the sunrise of your dreams. 

More poetry shall continue after this. 


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kicked in the Balls

Kicked in the Balls

I got kicked in the balls
by a shiny pointed heel
that belonged to the foot of a 
smooth white leg
I dropped my peg
and dropped with it
to the floor
and trembling
in pain and fear
like a fish out of water
with imminent death so clear

And then she bent down to look at me
With an apology in her eyes
Half my pain vanished when
embarassed, she said 'Hi'
I am so fucking sorry
that I hit you like that
I just saw your back
and I thought you were Matt
this is just a misunderstanding
so let me buy you a drink
then i'll check if you are ok
she said with a wink

You see where this is going?
I bet you think you do
But the kick in the balls didn't happen to you
(Not valid if you are a girl)
Cuz soon she got me drunk 
then she called Matt
I woke up in a car's trunk
Head bruised by a baseball bat

Now I'm left with no money
And I'm left with no honey
Just hurting balls and hurting head
And a poem that is mildly funny


This is a prime example of how NOT to write a poem. The structure rolls around the body of the poem like hands of a drunkard on a woman. DO NOT attempt this at home, yours or someone else's, or in a cybercafe.


Sunday, September 7, 2008


**This is not about me, it is about something I read recently. I do not write these kind of poems  generally, but this one just flowed, oh and it has no monkeys. Damn. Here goes.

When I was a kid just like you
I felt these 'things' called emotions
As childhod passed those did too
Now I just move through empty motions

Sometimes I sift through this thing called my soul 
It's all ashes, dirt, debris, and smoke 
But at the bottom something crawls through a hole
I watch it and I laugh and cry till I choke

Now, I'm not looking for a happy ending
Because I have seen the future, it looks grim
I have fucking had it with all this pretending
As I get fatter, my hope gets thin

I just long for the chaos in my head
Each disorder an ending in its own
Whatever I do, I know I will be dead
Unloved, unforgiven and unknown.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carry On--The Poem of Planes

Carry On--The Poem of Planes

I see aeroplane pass over my house
And I wonder why do they need headlights
What is the traffic in the sky?
Having headlights is an insult to radar

Then inside my room I sit alone
The planes still pass by overhead
I got no one to talk to but I got internet on
And lot of books in my laptop that I have read

Sometimes the planes make a lot of noise
It gets through the headphones that I wear
I like it because I do not have a choice
It's cool when you make friends with what you fear

Now I've got my eyes on the skies
There was a moon somewhere, that I can't see now
Just like I can't see through your lies
Still, I carry on with you somehow