Friday, November 23, 2007

Wacked and Stacked

I don't remember my last night
This morning I woke up in the gutter
My eyes blinded by the black light
My words came out in a stutter

A dog licked me up from my sleep
With ragged tongue rough like sandpaper
The vomit stains on my clothes were deep
Pictures in my mind just a shady blur

I picked myself up from the trash
Thats where I fell down again
I was out of all kinds of cash
The only thing in my body, pain

I swore I'll never drink a drop
But here I am in a bar with you
We are both Wacked and stacked like idiots
This will be my night forgotten 2



  1. lol... this one reminded me of one fateful nite... :D

    whacky... loved it!

  2. I sadly have no such fateful nights to remember, though i have seen many such fateful sights!

    oh man...