Saturday, November 24, 2007

She will break your heart

Today you walk hand in hand
Tomorrow she will refuse to understand
She will look at you like some kind of stranger
Alas, my friend you can not see the danger

You look in her eyes and drown in the blue
She is already looking for someone new
You tangle your dirty fingers in her hair
She doesn't like it and she doesn't care

You give her gifts for every stupid date you remember
From the first on January to the fifth of December
You even gave her a present on her dog's birthday
Dude that is sick, not ok, that's gay

So hear a little warning, a word from the stupid
Get your act together and step out from this shit
She will break you in the end of this I am sure
She will leave you with a pain that has no cure

And before I end this rhyme, I have something more to say
This applies to both guys And girls ok!
Read this as it suits you, cuz in the end its mostly pain
They 'Happily Ever After' is just a fairy tale game.

People in love are hell bent on doing worse and worse to each other. The poem is a she cuz its just from my point of view, if you are a girl, well...make it a 'He'.

Everyone is equal in Poetry and Death.
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  1. i like it, i like it.
    behold peopl N speak the truth.

  2. oops wrong spellings there...

  3. 'Happily Ever After' is just a fairy tale game.
    thats true everywhere...
    going strong wid poetry!!rock on..

  4. Du...

    You have spoken too ;)


    Well, just one poem is not going to stop humanity from trying ;)



  5. n here I am trying to bring fairytales to life... :D

    some wise person once said "take the pain outta love, and the love wont exist" i think ill stick with that...