Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Pen On My Table

The pen on my table is staring at me
Like a snake poised to attack with a venomous tongue
Its body white and black, it lies in silence
Its full of blue poison, its full of violence
(I say it cuz I know it)

It flicks its tongue out like the nib of a pen
I know it will bite me but I don't know when
I sit here in front of it all sweaty but typing
I can not let me fear be visible to this thing

Oh my lord, look! how now it points me my heart!
Its tongue reflects light like the steel of a dart
Its sharp and pointy and coated with venom
My spine gives a shudder like the click of a gun

Its coming for me now
I am frozen with fear
I duck down somehow
Now I have a pen in my ear.

Ta da! I'm making a big gift thingie, which is gonna take some time. Incidentally, i found some old poems of mine while going through my old old mathematics notes. They are more fubar than the ones here, I might put them up here sometime.

Till then, take care and cheers!


  1. u killed me wid da last line.. LOL...


  2. pen in ur ear...lol

  3. pen in your ear!?! my...what big ears you have...ha ha ha

  4. The pathos of a pen! Too funny...

    Love your twisted imagination. :)