Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Painful Poem

Woah! what do we have here
Its a poem about pain!
Such a nice four letter lovely word
It rhymes with rain, brain and drain

Poets talk a lot of pain
Artists, patients, people in general
Pain is the badge of lovers and warriors
And every boy who loves a girl

Man! that last line is so awesome!
I should give myself a medal for this!
I mean, come on you never really thought I will
Rhyme general with girl

OK lets get back to pain again
Gee, look out the window its starting to rain
And another thought just crawled in my brain
Hey its the end of the poem again!


  1. hahahahha... totally mad. Just like you! :D

  2. LOL... funny... reminded me of one of ur ealier poems... A poem about nothing?? or sumthing like tht.. cant remember da name...