Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nightmares in Chocolate

Chocolate bunnies with big red eyes
White chocolate vultures in the skies
Gems spill from the torn animal life
Dark chocolate dreams chop like a knife

A melting choco demon chews off my wings
The dark chocolate is spread on all my things
My feet stick in the goo and I lose my grip
I fall in the blackish mush, I curse as I slip

A quicksand of chocolate swallows me whole
I splash in the brown goo, in choco rocks I roll
It chokes my throat, it doesn't taste sweet
It bubbles on my skin, scalding me with heat

Chocolate covers my eyes I can no longer see
It drips in my lungs i can no longer breathe
It cover my body like a second brown skin
A statue in chocolate, who will eat me?

Ummmm tasty!


  1. so much!!

    theres more to choose frm than just 5 star:P

  2. y stop with 5 star??? now this poem is one of my favourites... chocolates!! :D tho i hate dark chocolate...

    nice one again! cheers!

  3. @The Lover...would you be saying this if you were stuck in a QuickSand OF Chocolate!!!! ;)

    @ Island Girl...indeed...let's not get started of varities of chocolates...but five star is trusted,true and best! :D

    @ Shimmer...
    What have you got in mind ;) Hey for lovers of white chocolate we have a White Chocolate Vulture... Yummm!



  4. I want dark chocolate. Now. :(

    So much chocolate before my eyes and I can't have any. :P Now that is a nightmare about chocolate. Ahahahah. Yes, lame, my joke is, I know.