Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Grudge Of Medusa

Serpent hair and whiplash tongue
Aeons old and yet so young
One look at her will make you stoned
You will stay and she will be gone

This is where it goes all belly up.

Screeching voices in my hair whisper the words that I write. Is imagination a curse? I am sure it will get worse. I have heard and written bidden by these sounds, they were in my head but now they are all around. Calliope to my left Mnemosyne to my right and I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight (again)?

Medusa walks with me on the gilded yellow brick road, she walks behind me and I dare not look back, a boy stand on teh side of the road with a pink umbrella in her hand. he is sucking on a lolli-pop. He gives me the finger. I walk on. There is no castle at the end of the road, only a depleted little hut with a squalid odour.

Medusa edges me on and the serpents hiss. I am me or her, Can you make some sense of this?

Free Worse!! Magnified Madness!!


  1. i liked this one for ur references to Greek mythology... "Calliope to my left and Mnemosyne to my right"... the muse and the memory... maybe the most faithful companions of writers...

    and ofcourse Medusa... the beautiful monster...

    nice one this...


  2. Greeks...they just had too much time on their hands to think up so many gods, well so did the Egyptians and heck what to say on India, there is too much time in history really!

    medusa ain't exactly beautiful, she is just a sad monster...

    Glad you liked! Cheers!


  3. Medusa, by some writers was depicted as beautiful.. tho originally she's supposed to look horrible...