Friday, November 30, 2007

Monkey Messiah

He stands on a tree, in the land of the free
His words make sense to a chosen few
Monkey messiah will bring you salvation
Only the monkey can save you

He whips off the flies with his barbwire tail
His tongue sprouts poison like a big blue whale
His temple is the tree and the monkeys listen
Their hearts fill with anger, no more human ass kissin

Monkey messiah has revolution in his eyes
He feasts on bananas and eats up the flies
His words are in the wind and they are up in the skies
He builds a primate army to take on the human filth

A man in a tank sees the monkey messiah
First he reloads then he says AH!
He's got an idea much to funky
It might be a messiah, but afterall its a monkey.

Tank man returns again and foils the evil plansd of monkeys to take over this shitty planet!

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I See Ugly

The sun sinking down in the sea
A pretty girl who smiled at me
A mother holding her baby
No beauty, just confirmity.

A song written in the sadness of an hour
A promise kept in a mad rush of power
A suicidal man standing on a tower
I can't give a fuck, nothing is pretty

A word that rang in the ears for years
A question of maths that calculated my fears
No time for laughter and no time for tears
I'm just searching for negativity

Some people live in prisons, some live free
In the mirror I look, whats become of me?
Is this face mine? or someone else I see
Where people see beauty, I see ugly

Don't say anything, just don't.
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Phase Two coming soon...

Keep watching this place.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Painful Poem

Woah! what do we have here
Its a poem about pain!
Such a nice four letter lovely word
It rhymes with rain, brain and drain

Poets talk a lot of pain
Artists, patients, people in general
Pain is the badge of lovers and warriors
And every boy who loves a girl

Man! that last line is so awesome!
I should give myself a medal for this!
I mean, come on you never really thought I will
Rhyme general with girl

OK lets get back to pain again
Gee, look out the window its starting to rain
And another thought just crawled in my brain
Hey its the end of the poem again!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

She will break your heart

Today you walk hand in hand
Tomorrow she will refuse to understand
She will look at you like some kind of stranger
Alas, my friend you can not see the danger

You look in her eyes and drown in the blue
She is already looking for someone new
You tangle your dirty fingers in her hair
She doesn't like it and she doesn't care

You give her gifts for every stupid date you remember
From the first on January to the fifth of December
You even gave her a present on her dog's birthday
Dude that is sick, not ok, that's gay

So hear a little warning, a word from the stupid
Get your act together and step out from this shit
She will break you in the end of this I am sure
She will leave you with a pain that has no cure

And before I end this rhyme, I have something more to say
This applies to both guys And girls ok!
Read this as it suits you, cuz in the end its mostly pain
They 'Happily Ever After' is just a fairy tale game.

People in love are hell bent on doing worse and worse to each other. The poem is a she cuz its just from my point of view, if you are a girl, well...make it a 'He'.

Everyone is equal in Poetry and Death.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Wacked and Stacked

I don't remember my last night
This morning I woke up in the gutter
My eyes blinded by the black light
My words came out in a stutter

A dog licked me up from my sleep
With ragged tongue rough like sandpaper
The vomit stains on my clothes were deep
Pictures in my mind just a shady blur

I picked myself up from the trash
Thats where I fell down again
I was out of all kinds of cash
The only thing in my body, pain

I swore I'll never drink a drop
But here I am in a bar with you
We are both Wacked and stacked like idiots
This will be my night forgotten 2


Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Grudge Of Medusa

Serpent hair and whiplash tongue
Aeons old and yet so young
One look at her will make you stoned
You will stay and she will be gone

This is where it goes all belly up.

Screeching voices in my hair whisper the words that I write. Is imagination a curse? I am sure it will get worse. I have heard and written bidden by these sounds, they were in my head but now they are all around. Calliope to my left Mnemosyne to my right and I wonder if I'll get any sleep tonight (again)?

Medusa walks with me on the gilded yellow brick road, she walks behind me and I dare not look back, a boy stand on teh side of the road with a pink umbrella in her hand. he is sucking on a lolli-pop. He gives me the finger. I walk on. There is no castle at the end of the road, only a depleted little hut with a squalid odour.

Medusa edges me on and the serpents hiss. I am me or her, Can you make some sense of this?

Free Worse!! Magnified Madness!!

Monkey Attack - 2

For what God has given me, all my stars I thank
They monkeys don't have a hope in hell, cuz now I have a Tank
Its got armour piercing missiles, its got a very big gun
Now its me versus the monkeys, is sure-shot to be Fun

All my food now gone, calls from some food heaven
The death of peanuts and yellow bananas, I shall avenge
They monkeys will pay in fur and tails, I will make them!
To see them run back to the jungle, will be my revenge

I slowly drive into the trees, and the monkey scatter like bees
I eye them through the scope of my gun, they run
I fire calmly into the hoard,I shoot them one by one.
I can not hear their pained screams, I'm re-loading ammunition

Bang Bang, Ratt-A-Tatt, I fire and they run like hell
The noise eclipses everything like the ringing of an alarm bell
I retire to my home and make a peanut butter sandwich
This is mine alone to eat, no monkeys shall now disturb me.



This one was a bit toughie to write, dunno why, but fun nonetheless :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monkey Attack - 1

They come from trees
Like hoards of bees
With teeth and nails
And psycho tails

They attack

They don't look back

They bite and scream
Even in dreams
They steal my food
This just ain't good

They attack

They don't look back

I stay inside
I hide, I hide
To save my hide
From simian side

They attack

They don't look back

They bite without mercy
They claw without grace
They scream like idiots
They stare at my face

The monkeys attack

They don't look back

I shall have my Revenge!!
All my food lost I shall avenge!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Pen On My Table

The pen on my table is staring at me
Like a snake poised to attack with a venomous tongue
Its body white and black, it lies in silence
Its full of blue poison, its full of violence
(I say it cuz I know it)

It flicks its tongue out like the nib of a pen
I know it will bite me but I don't know when
I sit here in front of it all sweaty but typing
I can not let me fear be visible to this thing

Oh my lord, look! how now it points me my heart!
Its tongue reflects light like the steel of a dart
Its sharp and pointy and coated with venom
My spine gives a shudder like the click of a gun

Its coming for me now
I am frozen with fear
I duck down somehow
Now I have a pen in my ear.

Ta da! I'm making a big gift thingie, which is gonna take some time. Incidentally, i found some old poems of mine while going through my old old mathematics notes. They are more fubar than the ones here, I might put them up here sometime.

Till then, take care and cheers!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nightmares in Chocolate

Chocolate bunnies with big red eyes
White chocolate vultures in the skies
Gems spill from the torn animal life
Dark chocolate dreams chop like a knife

A melting choco demon chews off my wings
The dark chocolate is spread on all my things
My feet stick in the goo and I lose my grip
I fall in the blackish mush, I curse as I slip

A quicksand of chocolate swallows me whole
I splash in the brown goo, in choco rocks I roll
It chokes my throat, it doesn't taste sweet
It bubbles on my skin, scalding me with heat

Chocolate covers my eyes I can no longer see
It drips in my lungs i can no longer breathe
It cover my body like a second brown skin
A statue in chocolate, who will eat me?

Ummmm tasty!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This Is Not

This is an attempt not to be funny
This is an attempt not to earn money
This is an attempt not be a bunny
This is an attempt to run from all things runny

This is not a struggle with strange words
This is not a struggle to be sucked into worlds
This is not a struggle to write a masterpiece
This is a struggle to get away from my niece

This is not a war of man and machines
This is not a war of 'will be's' and 'have beens'
This is not a war of something in between
This is a war of the monkey who was mean, very mean

This is not a poem celebrating genius
This is not a poem about you, me or us
This is not a poem about radio active friends
This is a poem which has just reached its end.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Death Of A Something

It was Something not very nice
Hot as lava and as cold as black ice
In the middle of Times Square it silently cried
Not for too long, cuz then something died

It had clothes made of paper (I think it was clothes)
The latest rage on the ramp, they say
It was thin as a model too. (I weighed it!)
And now I wonder who the hell are 'they'?

It had a dead body, alive like something stygian
If I knew what that word meant this poem won't be fun
I put the corpse in bad and the bag started to run
"Eureka!" I cried as I fumbled with my gun

So I chased it down and shot it six times
Even then I wasn't sure it was dead
I chopped with my sword its pieces too fine
Then I took my hatchet and hacked off its head

This was the Death of something
A strange encounter I had
If you see something better run
This time it will be angry and that, is bad.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It Lies

It Lies
64 meat cutters
In a jaw fit for death

A word
4 syllables
To end or begin life

A Desire
2 Bodies
Disappear into One

A Lie
3 Words
The 'I' in Love You